6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room for Spring

6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room for Spring

I admit, I’m not a ‘winter’ person. The dark mornings, the turmoil of turning up the heat vs facing a huge gas bill, the absolutely requirement for a warm drink in hand at all times, the layers of jumpers and socks, of tights and knee high boots – for some, it’s cosy. For me? It’s a battle against the elements. No, I’m ready for Spring.

Retro style living room with scandinavian style furniture

And with the sun teasing us here and there and temperatures finally getting into double digits, it feels as though we are right on the cusp of it and I can’t wait. I love Spring for the soft shoots bursting from the ground, opening a window to let the fresh air in, my peonies finally making an appearance, the ground covered in pale green, the trees finally bursting to life after months of hibernation and the promise of lazy Summer evenings spent in the garden.

So right around March, I start to consider what I need to do in order prepare my home for the change of seasons. You don’t need a lot of money to give your living room a bit of a change up to refresh your space and just a few simple tips will go a long way in making this space feel fresher.

Tip #1:  Clean

retro themed living room with oak small bookcase

I know it’s not exactly a sexy step but there’s nothing more refreshing than literally starting with a clean slate. Tidy away the remote controls, kids’ toys, magazines and anything else that doesn’t need to be out on display, run a duster over all your furniture and knickknacks, hoover the floor (behind and under the sofa as well!) and clean your windows inside and out – you really want to let as much light into the room as possible.

Tip #2: Change your curtains

Source: Photo by Rob Wingate on Unsplash

Heavy curtains are perfect for keeping that warmth in but once temperatures rise outdoors, consider swapping those heavy lined ones for light and airy voiles. You can pick up sheer curtains inexpensively and they won’t block that sunshine pouring into your nice clean space.

Tip #3: Swap your cushions and throws

Blue themed living room with grey painted furniture

Now’s the time to move out those faux furs, velvets and thick knitted throws and cushions from the sofa. Sure, they were great for cuddling in when it was dark and raining (again!) but the whole room will get a lift now that the weather is turning. Pale colours, light fabrics and fresh geometric patterns will enliven your space and make it feel clean and fresh.

Tip #4: Less is More

blue painted matching living room furniture

Do you have a lot of items cluttering the surfaces? Now’s a great time to remove those pieces that you no longer love and no longer work for your colour or design scheme. This may require a more critical eye but William Morris famously said, ‘Have nothing in your home you do not believe to be beautiful or useful.’ If it’s not working for you anymore, give it away or pack it away.

Tip #5: Swap your accessories

Mantis Light console table

I find one of the simplest things I can do to refresh a space is to clear the surfaces and create new vignettes from things in other rooms. Perhaps the vase that always sits on the dining table would look new again on the mantle? Or the candle next to the bed would work perfectly on the coffee table? When items are in the same context for a long time, you might not ‘see’ them anymore so give your favourite pieces new life by changing their surroundings.

Tip #6: Add some flowers and plants

Grey Corner sofa with geometric rug

Have you ever seen an interior magazine or blog that doesn’t show flowers or plants in the pictures? There’s a reason for that.  There’s nothing more inviting to a room than adding some fresh flowers or plants into a space. They breathe life into your room, give off a wonderful fragrance and look fantastic. They don’t have to be expensive either – I will often go to my local supermarket and buy cheap blooms, cut them short and display them in small votives and vases around the house. Instant chic!

Just follow those 6 tips and I guarantee your living room will feel fresh and new again! I hope you found my tips today helpful and you feel as geared up as I do to welcome a little sunshine into your home. How do you get your home ready for Spring? Share your images with us #OakFurnitureland on Instagram.