5 Trends You Should Probably Adopt in 2016

Now I have always said the worst thing you could do is be a slave to trends in your home. Of course, most people don’t want to spend ridiculously amounts of money redecorating every single year – it’s far better to surround yourself with the things you love and simply add and subtract trendy items in smaller ways (through things like accessories or changing paint colours) to ensure your home looks tastefully part of this century but also thoroughly like your own unique style.

However, there are a few big trends for 2016 that I absolutely love and think you wouldn’t really go far amiss if you adopted them yourself. Of course, this is completely subjective and what I think looks great you may find appalling and that’s the beauty of the world we live in – we are all individuals. But perhaps one or two will strike your fancy as well and if not, then it’s always interesting to see what the latest styles are, even if you have no plans to adopt them yourself.

Here are the five trends that I’m currently loving for 2016…


gold console with black and white art

Move over copper, there’s a new warm metal that’s taking centre stage and it’s the glamtastic beauty of gold and brass. I will admit, for me, this is not a trend at all because I’ve adored these tones in my own home for the last 5 years (and well, it’s come in and out of fashion for the last 100+ years so in my eyes, it’s a classic) but it’s always a pleasure to see something you love really hit it big on the high street. Gone are my days of wielding a spray can of metallic gold when I can find quite reasonable items now in so many shops and across the online landscape. Gold has a way of uplifting an interior – in small doses, it’s reflective quality adds warmth and a luxe appeal. In larger areas, it beckons to a more glamorous time in our history, one which showed off a person’s affluence. No matter what your style, a bit of gold is the perfect antidote to cold, grey days.

Ethnic Prints

layeredrugs16 Source: Heidi’s Bridge, designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Prints are going global this year in a big way and with everything from Moroccan and Turkish rugs to Mexican tiles and African baskets, colourful patterns will be adding the spice into our homes this year. I’m a huge fan of the ‘boho’ look – it’s comfortable and inviting, it adds texture and a sense of travel to our homes. So incorporating a few items into our space is a great way to bring that feeling of warmth and history to create textural layers of personality into the home. Even in the most tastefully decorated spaces, we can see these global influences playing their role and to me, it’s an exciting way to show that we are all a part of this big great world.

Artisan Homewares

hand made planters

While we may be looking across the globe, at the same time, there’s little doubt that we are all conscious of our ecological footprint. As a result, many of us are adopting a more local approach to our buying habits. Looking to the many independent crafters on our own fair shores, there’s a growing trend for the handmade, whether it’s woven, glazed. knitted, painted or carved. The best thing about this trend in my eyes is that it not only supports the British economy and celebrates British craftsmanship but it also means that your home won’t look like everyone else’s!


marble sink

Move over granite, there’s a new kid in town. Marble is most certainly having a moment, not just as kitchen work surfaces (perfect for rolling pastry) but as surfaces for coffee tables, side tables, consoles and shelving. In white with soft grey veining, it works perfectly with dark, moody palettes or soothing with pretty pastels and in it’s darker forms of black or green, it becomes a vixen – mysterious, cool and edgy. Natural materials are also a wonderful way of bringing the outdoors in and this is one luxury trend I’d love to see stick around for a while. Mix it with the metal of the moment (that would be gold if you weren’t paying attention) for a totally on-trend look.

Blush Pink

blush pink walls

With Pantone naming ‘Rose Quartz’, a pale blushy pink as one of two of their Colours of the Year, you can expect to see a lot more of this beautiful shade taking over in our interiors. Mixed with black, it becomes edgy and rock n’ roll and not at all the sugar and spice and everything nice of our childhoods. It also works with sophistication alongside dusty greys and muted pastels if you prefer a more Scandinavian approach to your design. However you want to work it, this colour lights up a room in flattering shades and is sure to woo your more romantic side.

What trends are you looking forward to seeing more of this year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!