5 Tips to Create an Eclectic Dining Room

If you are big lover of the eclectic style like I am, you may wonder how designers manage to take a variety of styles and mix them together to create the perfect blend of seemingly disparate items. I find looking at inspiring images and really picking apart why things work to understand better how to successfully do this in my own home.

I thought today we would take a look at dining rooms. Oak Furniture Land obviously carries a huge range of styles and even the most simple of starting materials can often be elevated to designer status just by the choice of accessories and styling you use around it.

Tip #1 – Combine a rustic table with glamorous details for quirky elegance

wood table brass chairs dining room

Choosing a rustic table and simple shelving set the backdrop for this stunning dining room. Using vintage brass chairs and a vintage brass light fitting along with an ornate mirror elevate the space and create an interesting mix. The room is kept white to let the details shine.

Tip #2 – Bold colour and colourful accents create a dynamic space

bold colour oriental influence dining room

Brightly coloured hanging lanterns and vintage portraits make a dynamic display even with the simplest of tables and chairs. Your eye is drawn upwards, making a smaller space look bigger. Don’t be afraid to use bright colours in your dining room for an energetic look but make use of a piece as the rug does here to tie the colours together creating a cohesive look.

Tip #3 – Combine brass, iron and chrome to create a welcoming setting

Industrial Glam dining room

Another rustic table but this time combined with mid-century modern chairs. The brass pendants add shine and the colour palette of predominantly greys and whites are lifted by the use of a colourful ethnic style rug. You’ll notice that brass detailing is picked up in other elements of the room too. Consider bringing rustic metals (iron, steel), cool metals (stainless steel and chrome) and warm metals (brass, copper) together – while many of us will stick to one particular metal finish in a room, there’s no reason you can’t combine them for an eclectic look!

Tip #4 – Mix textures and use a piece of art to dictate your colour palette

Eclectic Warm Dining Room

While much of this dining room uses mid-century modern pieces, the colours in the large artwork ties it all together. It’s warm hues are picked up in the table and chairs (notice there are three kinds of wood in the space – it’s okay to mix!). The black in the art and the rug ground the whole space and while it’s predominantly neutral, the different textures create an inviting space. Using glossy with textural, shiny finishes with matt and smooth with rough, you’ll create a more exciting dining room that you just want to spend time in.

Tip #5 – Combine traditional with bright pops of colour

rustic dining table with pops of colour

Although the dining table and chairs wouldn’t look out of place in a traditional French setting, using contrasting patterns and colours creates an extraordinary setting that’s brave but also young and fun. Don’t be afraid to combine patterns and colours within a space to mix things up – perhaps a single bright table cloth can be just what you need to add some pizazz to a tired dining set. Plants and flowers also brighten the mix!

So I hope you can see that creating an eclectic style is not as difficult as it may seem. The most important lesson is that no matter what your style, you surround yourself with things you truly love. And as long as you stick with that, no one will ever say something doesn’t ‘go’!

Image Credits: Design Sponge, Domaine Home, The Glitter Guide, Domaine Home, Society Social

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