The 5 Items In Your Home Worth Investing In

Whether you are moving into your very first place or suddenly you find yourself in an ’empty nest’, it may be difficult to decide what is worth splurging on and what will just do “for now”. But how do you prioritise where to spend your money? Very few of us have unlimited budgets to furnish our homes so where are the best places to splurge when it comes to good looks, practicality and longevity?

Here are my top 5 items for the home that I think are worth the investment. Buy the best you can afford for these items and you’ll never go far wrong.

1. The Sofa

Your sofa will likely last you between 5 and 10 years and it’s a large investment so make sure you get a quality one. It’s not just good looks that need to be considered. The way a sofa is constructed is of paramount importance to it’s longevity and so always ask questions before you purchase. Kiln dried hard wood frames are your best bet (in fact, this is how all our sofas are made) to getting a quality sofa that lasts you for years in style and comfort.

teal sofa in velvet

2. The Mattress

You will never regret purchasing the highest-quality mattress you can find. Better sleep leads to better health and getting a cheap mattress is a false economy. Make sure you test your mattress before purchase by lying down on it to see what kind of support it gives you. It’s an investment that will last you for years and there’s no greater investment than in your own health. Check out our full range of high quality mattresses in a vast selection of sizes and types.

calm casual bedroom

3. The Sheets

Ever notice when you stay at a luxury hotel, the bedding feels so incredible? That’s high thread count. The higher the thread count per inch, the softer, weightier and more luxurious the sheets will feel. And they only get softer with age. Along with a great mattress, high quality sheets will make going to bed a soothing and relaxing affair so why not invest in the highest quality sheets you can? It’s a purchase that will last for years and one you’ll be happy with every single night.

eclectic bedroom with faux throw

4. The Plates

Some may say you aren’t actually a “grown up” until you purchase your first set of quality plates. Now, this may fall lower down on the priority level than some of my items above but getting a beautiful set of dishes is a purchase you won’t quickly regret and why it’s probably on so many wedding register lists. Whether you are entertaining a small crowd or simply making a romantic dinner, presentation on a lovely set of plates makes the whole meal just feel that little bit more special. You may not actually have to spring for this one either. You may have a set of plates passed down to you through the family which has long been treasured. This is the beauty of quality dishes, when well cared for, they can last generations.

luxury plates

5. High Quality Knives

If you do any kind of cooking at all, you’ll always appreciate a good set of knives. Making a meal is so much more pleasurable when you have the correct tools for the job! It makes preparation far easier and faster and is the most important tool in any chef’s kitchen. Why not treat yourself to a great set of knives? It’s a purchase you’ll never regret! Start off with the basics and build your collection from there. By purchasing fewer knives, you can invest in better quality and in the long run that will make the biggest difference to your cooking.

knife collection

So those are my 5 investment pieces you’ll never regret! What would be on your own list?

Kimberly X