5 Blue Chairs You Will Love

From the deepest navy to the brightest cerulean and everything in between, blue is beautiful in all of its different shades.

Symbolising trust, wisdom, stability and confidence, as well as being strongly associated with calmness and tranquility, blue has a positive effect on our body and mind. It’s easy to see why so many of us are drawn to using blue hues within our homes.

Without realising it, it turns out that we have a bit of a crush on blue too! We love an accent chair and we love blue, so we’ve picked out five of our favourites for you.

Jasmine Accent Chair in Bamboo Aqua

Jasmine Blue Armchair

A cool, bright shade of aqua blue, overlaid with a white funky geometric pattern. We think it adds a subtle ‘pop’ to a room that is decorated in muted tones. It’s also a fun addition to bedrooms – the colour blue is known for creating a restful atmosphere in a room after all! Love the chair, but not sure if this blue is for you? Don’t worry, there are three other colourways to choose from!

Marseille Armchair in Blue

marseille blue armchair

In a fresh pale blue and cream colourway, the Marseille armchair is a classic. Looking equally at home in a cosy cottage as it is in a new build, we find tartan works in every home. Boxy in shape and with solid hardwood legs for durability, it’s sturdy and built to last. When paired with its matching footstool, it makes the perfect reading chair!

Grosvenor Love Seat in Blue

Grosvenor Love Seat in Blue

An oversized armchair with flared arms for comfort and our exclusive ‘no plump’ seat cushion, Grosvenor is the perfect low maintenance chair to relax in. Its blue-grey textured fabric looks great with the matching sofa, or why not mix things up with a different style and colour?

Ashdown Accent Chair in Hampton Navy

Ashdown Accent Chair in Hampton Navy

You can’t go wrong with super chic navy. Accent chairs are a great way of adding a pattern or different colour into a room, without having to spend a fortune or redesign the whole room. The diamond pattern on this chair is a nice way to add a subtle pattern to a plain room, and brings a modern twist to a traditional shape.

Sydney Accent Chair in Cerulean

Sydney Accent Chair in CeruleanLast but not least, we bring you Sydney! Beautiful, deep, cerulean blue. Plush and on-trend velvet with soft rounded arms for comfort, we can’t find one thing we don’t love about this chair. Perhaps not one for wallflowers, but we love the dramatic burst of colour this could add to a room. In fact, why settle for just one? Why not contrast it with the same chair in pumpkin, or tone it down with the our amethyst version?

If you’re still looking for some ideas on how to incorporate an accent chair into your home, why not take a look at our How to Choose an Accent Chair blog?