5 Beautiful Christmas Tables

The tree, the presents, all the decorations, the food…nearly all is planned and maybe even ready for the big day. Possibly all that’s left is the table and it shouldn’t be an after-thought. After all, the table plays a major role on Christmas day. It’s the place where we welcome family and friends to have that special meal together. Whether you’re a fan of a completely overblown decorations all throughout the house or just the odd bit here and there, the table is where you can shine. And when I say shining, it means let your taste and personality shine through.

Natural Linen

And that’s what it boils down to, isn’t it? We all have our own views on what looks good, what will suit our home and therefore how we’d like our table to look. From natural to super-glam, traditional to minimalist, there’s pretty much a table setting that suits any taste. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of a nudge in the right direction for everything to fall into place. So, if you’re a little stuck, here are 5 fabulous table settings which I hope will inspire you. Each of them is different and has its own special charm.


If you’re looking for a fairly low-key and natural look, then a linen table cloth (the good news is it doesn’t even need ironing for this look) is where to start. Add to that natural foliage and flowers as well as plain white crockery and you’ll be well on the way to a beautifully restraint yet festive table.

If you want something with – let’s face it – more impact, then all things glam might be for you. Gold-rimmed glasses and plates, animal prints and gold-sprayed pinecones, all these are the pieces that will make your table look truly glamorous. Adding some traditional greens then brings the seasonal touch into the scheme.

Rustic Fresh

If you like the nordic look but don’t want to go completely minimalist, then a fresh and rustic setup might be perfect. The combination of bright whites and happy reds with natural touches makes this look not only cool without being cold, but also very welcoming and rustic in a happy way.

Nordic Greys

Sometimes it’s great to try something completely different. Chuck out all the glitz, glamour and reds so often associated with christmas and bring in the greys in various shades and hues. This kind of setting might not be for everybody, but if you like dark interiors, moody settings and very restraint elegance, then this will make a real impact. Use simple glassware (though some vintage crystal glasses might look just as stunning) and matt cutlery to complete this look.

Classic Family Table

Of course no Christmas table roundup would be complete without a classic family table. You know, all the reds, foliage, pinecones and even some checked fabric. There’s something very comforting and happy about a table like this and this is possibly the one that will please everybody from small children (because it really does “scream” Christmas) to the grandparents who will probably really love the classic look.

I hope these tables will inspire you and maybe spark some new ideas.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and very happy New Year. Thank you for reading, I hope to be able to inspire you with more tips and ideas in 2017!