Ideal Home Show 2018: Botanical Bedroom

With the houseplant trend still making waves in interior design, stylists Kate McPhee and Jess Taverner from Good Homes Magazine have created a botanical inspired bedroom for this year’s Good Homes Roomsets at the Ideal Home Show. Gorgeous greens, shades of purple and lilacs, and geometric shapes create a feminine look and a calming ambience, and they’ve combined this with a mixture of faux and real plants to purify the air in a stylish sanctuary.

Check out what our team thought of the botanical bedroom below!

botanical themed bedroom at the ideal home show

lucy smith pr at oak furniture land

Lucy Smith from the Oak Furniture Land PR team says…

The bedroom is my FAVOURITE roomset! I love the ombre effect on the walls, which is so subtle you almost miss it! It’s the perfect compromise for those who want a light and airy space, but also have the conflict of wanting to add some drama with darker walls. The incorporation of indoor plants add to the serene ambience and with so many good faux plants and flowers now available on the high street, it’s possible to achieve this look in a low maintenance way – which is great news for those of us who aren’t naturally green-fingered.

Natural materials work really well within this back-to-nature style and the cream painted Shutter wardrobe really pulls the room together and draws the eye in with its more unusual statement doors. The use of mismatching footstools in different tones of green work perfectly with both the shades used on the walls and the bisque radiator, which all tie together well. I also really liked the contrast of using a bright coloured velvet chair which prevents the room becoming too matchy-matchy and adds interest with it’s an unusual colour and different texture to everything else in the room.

jasmine footstools in botanical bedroom at the ideal home show

Jasmine Round Footstool in Duck Egg and Bamboo Aqua

molly fry web at oak furniture landMolly Fry from the Oak Furniture Land content team says…

I was really struck by the beautiful way the stylist blended materials and textures in the bedroom to create an organic feeling. Pairing the pale wood of the bed frame with the smooth creamy paint of the Shutter wardrobe created a sense of calm and cosiness, despite the contrast – and I loved the way that the look was completed with wrought iron detail in the bedside table, mirrors, and even the hardware of the wardrobe itself. You could also see this subtle contrast in the velvet armchair and the two Jasmine round footstools, with their woven texture and tonal shifts. The calm layering in the space showed that the trend for greenery isn’t always about bold botanicals, but can be a quiet natural feeling that helps to relax you at the end of a long day.

shutter wardrobe in botanical bedroom at the ideal home show

Oak Furniture Land Shutter Brushed Oak and Painted Double Wardrobe

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