Ideal Home Show 2018: Bathroom Roomset

This year’s roomset at the Ideal Home Show styled by Kate McPhee and Jess Taverner of Good Homes magazine brings back style to the bathroom. Simplistic, open storage boasts the colour schemes of the decor, and the sauna highlights the spaciousness of the room. The most striking is the island hot tub, surrounded by a textured grey and accompanied by the Jasmine plum footstool, adding a little drama to the space.

Check out what our team thought of the bathroom below!

jasmine footstool at the ideal home show bathroom roomset

Oak Furniture Land Jasmine Footstool in Plum

lucy smith pr at oak furniture landLucy Smith from the Oak Furniture Land PR team says…

Large and spacious, the room is dominated by a HUGE luxurious bath. As someone that only has a shower in their house, this didn’t help my bath envy! The muted colours and large open space made the whole set feel very high-end. The contrasting plum Jasmine footstool being used as a side table and the sauna in the corner of the room (how many people have one in their bathrooms at home?!) also underlined the expensive spa feeling! One thing that did blow my mind was the waterproof wallpaper, why have I never realised this exists before?!

Overall, an impressive room and one that I had to keep reminding myself was accessible for everyone due to the products all being from high-street retailers. Looks like we can all bathe like the rich and famous!

jasmine footstool in bathroom at the ideal home show good homes roomsets

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