How to Use Pattern in a Contemporary Home

Contemporary pattern

Have you noticed how interiors and home accessories have become quite playful and fun over the last year? Bolder, brighter colours are mixed together with quirky patterns to bring a lighter look to a contemporary space. If you love the look of these patterns but aren’t sure how to add them into your home take a look at some of my ideas below.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and print to see how they look together. Keep the colours light and bright, throwing in some pastel print and some quirky patterns. You can’t really go wrong, just remember to keep it fun.


You can adopt a theme, although don’t go too mad or it will look a little overworked. If you like the pineapple trend, or maybe the flamingo in the summer, add a few pieces throughout the design but vary the style and how you present them. Don’t go for all pineapples on fabric for example, maybe add one or two on cushions, then include them in artwork or as a decorative accessory as well to mix it up a little.

Playful contemporary patterns


Pineapple chair ||  Pineapple pink cushion ||  Blue cushion ||   Notebook || Cushions two pack || Baby blanket


This look is a great one to showcase your personality so let yourself go mad and really throw some of your favourite colours and patterns together. The usual rules about creating a focal point still apply and this can help anchor the look when it’s quite busy.


If any look is crying out for some plants this one is. You can’t go wrong with a few succulents and cacti in fun, playful pots, but bigger plants in corners of the room, grouped together for impact will also look stunning. It’s the colour and depth of the leaves that add some life to the light, playful hues of your design that make them work so well. If you’re worried about caring for them why not consider some faux flowers or plants. These have become incredibly popular in recent seasons and still attract lots of attention, and look so good you wouldn’t know they were fake.

Tutti Frutti Reversible Queen Quilt Cover (lifestyle 1)


These colours and prints are complemented perfectly by decorative accessories in a metallic finish, particularly gold. Check out our author Kimberly’s Dining Room Makeover showcasing her love of gold accessories, and how they add warmth to her design. She’s been using them for years but if it’s new to you just start with one or two pieces, or maybe add it in accents like on door knobs to start introducing it into your space.

Are you drawn into this playful fun look for your home? Would you consider adding a few patterned accessories into a room? It’s a very happy look, and one that suits rented accommodation well I think, amongst others. Many retailers are providing lots of key pieces that work well, and it’s an inexpensive way to freshen your home. Don’t forget these ideas will add something different to your oak furniture too, and complement the warmth of the wood beautifully.