How to Use a Nest of Tables in your Home

Today we’re looking at a piece of furniture that perhaps went out of vogue several years ago, but has now well and truly sealed its place in modern living rooms. The nest of tables is a small set of tables graduating in size that can be placed one over the other, usually without the legs touching. They have a multitude of practical and stylish uses in every home.

The History of Nested Tables

Nested tables first appeared in homes back in the 18th Century when Thomas Sheraton designed and manufactured the quartetto table. Consisting of 4 stacking tables graduating in size, they were stored usually in the drawing-room and used for needlepoint or checkers as required.

nest of tables

The Modern Nest of Tables

Today the nest of tables has many uses and can be found in many homes. The epitome of versatility, they can be stacked in a corner and then pulled out when visitors arrive offering a flexibility many other pieces cannot. Ideal for smaller rooms where space is at a premium, they are used as extra storage for snacks and refreshments. They are also ideal for games such as cards, and are the perfect size for young children to sit at when drawing or colouring. In fact their graduating size makes them ideal for young families with growing children where the smaller table could even act as a stool.


nest of tables


Other Benefits

It’s not just their versatility that makes them popular in homes today though. Now available in many different styles and designs they are used in all sizes of rooms. It’s not always necessary to store them in a corner either. Some designs are striking and bold lending themselves to be a statement piece in a modern room scheme, becoming a focal point of one area. Their form also means, when the time is right, they can be reorganised and moved around into new positions adding a fresh appeal to a room. They are also great when used in a bedroom where they can add an extra space to store books and a reading light.

There’s no need to think traditionally either with a nest of tables. Their graduating size makes them indispensable in many different situations and if you have an outdoor friendly set they can be great for garden parties and barbeques too.

Outdoor nest of tables

So whatever your style and whatever your taste in home decor, you can guarantee to find a nest of table that will look as good in your room, as it will be practical. Dont be afraid to try different styles and to experiment with postitioning too. These are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you will buy so don’t shy away from using them.

nest of tables

We would love to know if you have a nest of tables in your home, and what you love about them.