How to use monochrome stripes in your home

If there is any colour combination that always looks chic and on trend, it’s black and white stripes. It’s punchy and graphic and can look great whether you have a more traditional style, love Scandi Chic or crave a tailored, nautical look in your home.

And it can be used in nearly any room – from the living room to the bedroom to the bathroom, stripes never look out of place. Whether you want to go the whole hog with a striped hallway to great guests with drama or update your sofa with carefully chosen cushions, there is plenty of inspiration around the web!

First up, the kitchen. Using black metro tiles against white gives this space a contemporary look without costing a lot of money. The line the tiles create force your eye to move across the surface, taking the entire kitchen in!

If tiles are too much of a commitment, how about a striped rug? Here a dining room gets a graphic punch with an elegant monochrome rug. With soft natural wood chairs and shelving and carefully combined with white, the look is playful yet sophisticated. Why not combine one of our stunning oak dining tables with a striped rug for a similar look?

For an elegant bedroom, consider a bold striped wallpaper as a feature wall. Layer textural bedding and gold accessories for a twist on traditional.

You can even combine different stripes for a colourful and fun look. I love Will Taylor’s eclectic and colourful living room as seen in his book, Bright Bazaar. Here he takes stripes to the next level with cushions, rug, ceramics and seat covers all leading a stripey revolution!

Of course, you don’t have to commit to big changes in your home to get this graphic look. A few striped pieces of ceramic and some throws are a great way to give a neutral space some pizazz.

Would you use stripes in your home? Or perhaps you already have? I’d love to hear from you!