How to Use Colour in the Home

If the thought of using colour to any great extent in your home frightens you, fear no more. It really is time to embrace colour and brighten your home with a few lively hues. Decorating your home is all about injecting your personality into your decor. There are no right and wrong ways to go about this, bring together pieces that you love and organise them in the way that you want. Let your home be a reflection of who you are, and let it suit the way you and your family live. If it goes wrong, or if you find you can’t live with it, then try again.

With that in mind, let’s chat about how you can bring a little colour into your home. We’ve been living with very neutral schemes for quite a while a now, and there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, the neutral Scandinavian look is still very popular. But if you’re ready for something different, how about embracing some of your favourite shades and bringing them into your decor.

Paint companies are telling us all the time how we need to embrace colour. Take Valspar paint for example, and their new campaign to Colour Outside the Lines, it’s all very vibrant and bright. Then Dulux and their Colour of the Year, Copper Blush, another great campaign to help us fall back in love with colour. But if we’ve lived with white walls, and neutral colour schemes for so long, how do we start injecting some of this colour into our homes?

Start Small:

If you’re feeling nervous about introducing too much bright colour, and not sure if you can live with it, start small and do it gradually. In living rooms, for example, one of the easiest ways to do this is to add some colourful soft furnishings. Treat yourself to a few new cushions and throws and give your neutral scheme a pop of lively hue. In bedrooms, it’s pretty much the same idea. See if you like living with this small dose of colour and if it suits you, you can start to think bigger.

Go Brighter:

If you’ve experimented with a few accessories in softer pastel shades and like the look, why not try something bolder in another room. Don’t forget to analyse the light levels of course, colours will have greater intensity in brighter rooms, whilst some paler shades can look almost ‘dirty’ in cooler light. Try and experiment with samples before making big purchases. If you’re still happier sticking with neutral walls, continue injecting colour through the furniture and accessories. Above, upholstered dining chairs add bright pops of colour to an otherwise neutral scheme.

Be Adventurous:

Ok, so let’s start thinking about adding some colour to the walls, and bringing a full colourful scheme together. Could you do it? Do you want to do it? Some of the most popular colours at the moment, focus on dark, inky shades that add drama and effect. Inky blues are everywhere and really give a room warmth and depth of colour. We’re still avoiding patterns and print currently and letting the colour shine through, which is a good way to become familiar with colour in your home.

Add Some Detail:


Now you’ve got used to the idea of injecting some colour into your home, let’s work on mixing it up a little with some patterns or print. There is a huge array of colourful wallpaper and designs available, from funky floral to geometric print to stripes and so on. You’re bound to find something you love, that suits you and your personality. The wallpaper above is by designer Sian Elin and is a playful way to inject some colour onto the walls. Use it a feature if you don’t feel comfortable covering all the walls.

Next think about how to mix up your colours and patterns together. Having one colour, or a comination of shades running through the scheme will help it all hang together.

As you can see, adding some colour into your home doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. It doesn’t have to be over the top at all, but just introducting a few of your favourite shades, a few at a time will help you to see how colour can change your mood, and the feel of your home.

I hope you have some fun playing with colour this Spring, and do let us know how you get on.

Jen x