How to Use Animal Prints in Your Home

While animal prints rarely go out of style in some form or another, many people are terrified of using them in their homes. And for good reason. Pour on the animal print in your home and you can go from trendy to tacky faster than you can say, ‘Kat Slater’s fashion sense.’

So how can you incorporate a bit of animal print in your home without going over the top? I’m going to show you some really inspiring photos to show that just a dash of animal print can go a long way in giving your home the extra dose of exotic interest it may be lacking.

neutral with leopard

The one thing to remember is that animal prints are a strong eye-catching print. So if you wish to incorporate it into your home decor, start off using it sparingly in smaller elements such as in your accessories.


A simple cushion on your sofa will go a long way in adding a bit of pattern so keep the other patterns around it more subdued. Combined with soft textures and colours, your animal print accessories will provide a graphic punch and an exotic flair to your space without overwhelming it.

sally wheat living room

If you are feeling a little braver, try combining it with another pattern in similar tones and hues. The look is bolder but it can still feel elegant with a restrained colour palette.

animal print in living room

Animal print textiles can be used in other ways as well. A footstool in a striking animal print will bring a graphic element into a neutral room without overwhelming it.

lonny zebra print foot stool

A vintage piece updated in a striking patternĀ is a great way to incorporate animal prints in such a way that it remains glamorous and elegant.

leopard foot stool

If you are feeling really brave however, why not try an animal print wallpaper? The larger the surface area in which you use an animal print, the more important it is that the items around it are elegant and understated to create the perfect balance.

dalmation print wallpaper

So I hope my post today shows you can use animal print in your home without the fear of it looking ‘cheap’! It’s about balancing it out with neutral shades and understated elegance for a perfect mix of fun and glamour.

Would you use animal print in your home? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!