Top Tips For Decorating Awkward Corners

Ugh! Weird and small corners, places that look and feel redundant but are of course part of our home. Occasionally they might be used as something of a “dumping ground” and accumulate shoes left by teens, wet umbrellas, baskets with old papers designated for recycling. I’m fairly certain we all have such a corner somewhere in our home, right?

Gallery Wall

More often than not, these corners will be somewhere in-between rooms. Generally speaking, a corner within a room without through-traffic will be easier to decorate than one where people walk past on a regular basis. You know, places like between a living room and hallway for example. Just because it’s a hallway though it doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit from some sprucing up or even be turned into a reading nook. If the corner is large enough, then why not put a comfy armchair in it? This setup literally gives you another room to retreat to and read when the rest of the family is watching TV.


When it comes to one-room-living (think students), making use of every last little part of the room is vital. Made to measure shelving which also incorporate a work space is a really great and practical way to make use of a corner and will also add some interest with some fun displays.

Tiny Workspace

For a more grown-up work area, how about a miniature version of a desk? When I say ‘miniature’, I do of course mean one that is still large enough to actually do at least some work. Accessorise with some desk essentials like a lamp as well as a plant to give it some life. Also, a gallery wall full of beautiful pictures will make the corner really interesting and doesn’t take any space away.

Tiny Table

If the space is, however, very, very small and you’d still like to fill it, then you will have to look at, er, very, very small furniture. A tiny table with only a few items on it (fresh flowers are a beautiful addition in such a corner) can look glamorous without crowding the space. Add a mirror to reflect light back into the room and to give the corner the finishing touches.


Sometimes a corner doesn’t just present itself in a room (or between rooms), but on our shelves, desks, or work surfaces. What to do with those? Plants! If in doubt, always add plants. Picture frames can often look to “staged” and to much like they’ve been wedged into a corner (literally), but plants tend to look like they actually belong there.

I hope these tips are helpful and if you have any awkward corners in your home that you’ve used to their best advantage, then I’d love to hear from you! Tweet us @OFLOakFurniture or say hello on Facebook.