How to have a stylish yet functional Christmas

Christmas is always the perfect time of year to go all out with the décor, gifts, food and entertainment. But balancing it all out in the run-up to the big day can prove quite stressful as well. With financial pressures alongside an eagerness to create a perfect day for everyone, we can easily end up feeling far more stressed out than joyful.

kemble dining set styled for christmas

Source: Oak Furnitureland

Our guide today will share some tips on creating a beautiful and stylish Christmas that’s also entirely practical, making sure you get to enjoy the big day along with your family and guests.

Ditch the Christmas tree

I’m starting with a controversial one but if you live in a small space or are panicking about setting up a huge tree when there’s barely enough space for seating, then consider choosing an easy alternative tree or losing it all together.

You can create a festive look without the tree simply by decorating a fireplace mantle in greenery or using small table-top trees which don’t take up much space but still add that festive touch.

Choose the traditions you want to keep, lose the rest

embracing the cold

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Love the long walk with the family on Christmas morning but hate having to get up at the crack of dawn to prepare a big breakfast? Then lose the big breakfast tradition by keeping things simple, setting out a small buffet and letting people make their own. If you love attending Midnight Mass but hate preparing a turkey, order a pre-prepared one for your Christmas dinner, reducing waste and allowing you to enjoy the evening.

By listing out the traditions you love and what you can cut back for those you don’t, you’ll end up creating your own perfect version of Christmas that works for you and your family rather than trying to stick with a regimented view on what Christmas is ‘supposed’ to be like.

Create extra seating with multipurpose furniture

One of the most stressful things about hosting Christmas is having a large crowd with not enough seating. Make things easier on yourself by choosing furniture that does double-duty. A bench that normally sits in your hallway can make the perfect addition to the dining room table. Nesting tables are also a great addition to create additional seating or extra surfaces where you can set down nibbles or guests can set down a drink.

Choose simple decor ideas

simple decor ideas with french farmhouse dining set

Source: Oak Furnitureland

While it may be fun to go all out on the decorations, sometimes simple is really best. Stick to garlands of greenery strung with simple white lights, candles in hurricane lanterns and natural textures for a warm and festive look that isn’t difficult to work into any style.

For your Christmas table, there’s no need for an elaborate display. A few simple votives dotted down the centre along with some greenery means your guests can see over one another and allows your food to take centre stage.

Keep wrapping simple

simplistic christmas wrapping

Source: Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

Instead of buying 10 different rolls of various kinds of wrapping paper with 5 bags of foil bows, buy one large roll of craft paper instead along with some simple twine. Tuck sprigs of pine into the paper along with a gift tag for a simple look that oozes style as well.

How will you be keeping your Christmas both beautiful as well as functional this year? We’d love to hear your own tips!

Lead image credit: Pexels / Lina Kavika