How to Style a Sideboard

Sideboards are a great addition to any home. They can be used in a living room, an entrance, the bedroom and add valuable storage space. They provide a great little (or big) space for things like CDs, paperwork, hats and scarfs, or table linen, but this isn’t the only thing. They’re also clearly very useful for displaying treasured accessories and keeping things handy for quick access.

So, in order to give your sideboard the wow factor, as opposed to using it just as another storage facility, here are some tips on how to style it in order to achieve different looks. Which look you actually go for is obviously down to your own personal taste. I hope they will be helpful.

A beautiful, large and slightly rustic piece like the Andorra Solid Oak Sideboard just screams for a bohemian style which can be achieved with a display of lots of natural and very textured accessories. Choose from materials like wood, stone, coral, and also paper and canvas. The key then is to layer the elements. Don’t be afraid of putting things in front of each other or on top of each other. Whatever you do, keep them close together and really work the natural vibe.

For an elegant and somewhat more minimalist look, stick to some well-chosen and matching items. White and black are always classic colours, but don’t be afraid to liven things up a little with a pop of colour like a lampshade.

Of course your sideboard might be more of a console table like the Grace Solid Oak Console Table, and only have two small drawers for your keys and some letters. This kind of “light design” really lends itself to an eclectic look with lots of colourful accessories. This one can be loaded with colour and pattern. Now you just need to get yourself to a vintage market or a charity shop and start collection those trinkets.

Lastly, think about what’s around your sideboard. An over-scaled piece of art can add some drama and give off a laid back vibe at the same time. Stack books onto the sideboard. They always add interest, make you look intellectual (not that you need the extra help of course) and have a casual feel. If you do need a bit of symmetry, think about adding two lamps, one on either end. Symmetry does calm they eye and makes many people feel relaxed.

So, these are some of my tips. What about you? Do any of these styles appeal or does your idea of a styled sideboard look different?

Carole x