Our homes work hard for us all year round but it’s safe to say that the festive season is when we come to expect so much more of it. From additional company at dinner and impromptu drop-ins by the family, to hosting Christmas dinner, more cosy nights in front of the TV and plenty of overnight guests, this time of year, our homes are expected to expand to our ever-changing requirements.


How do you ensure that your home is up to the task? With some clever furniture and planning, you’ll find having the right pieces to meet the demands of the Christmas season can make all the difference.

The dining room


If your dining table normally only needs to accommodate four family members but you’re expecting eight for Christmas dinner, an extending dining table will be your answer. With extra leaves that hide away when not in use, you can comfortably accommodate a larger group only when you need it.


For extra seating, benches work especially well for their ability to squeeze a few more bodies in place (especially children). When they aren’t required at the dining table, benches come in handy almost anywhere else in the house – from your hallway to the bedroom and beyond – and are easy to move whenever additional seating is required.


If you are lacking countertop space in the kitchen, consider using a dresser as a place to set out food buffet-style or as additional prep space in a pinch.

The living room


In the living room, you may find a larger l-shaped sofa will make the most of the space you have and allow for a few additional people to enjoy that Christmas film the whole family loves. Sofa beds are also a good idea if you’re expecting overnight guests, with mattresses easily hidden away when not in use.


A nest of tables is always handy too. They can be called in for service as additional surfaces for canapés or a place to set down drinks when entertaining and can even be used as extra seating in a pinch. Because of their design, they can easily be stashed away without taking up much room once the party is over.


The top of a storage cabinet or sideboard can also be used as a makeshift ‘bar area’ for your Christmas parties. A simple tray to hold glasses, a few of your favourite mixers and beverages, a bucket of ice, napkins and cocktail stirrers will act as the go-to area for guests to prepare their own drinks, rather than crowding into your kitchen.

The guest bedroom


For overnight guests, a dedicated guest room may be ideal if you have the additional space in your home. If not, there are plenty of ways to squeeze in a few additional visitors. A sofa bed in an office space or children’s room could act as comfy seating when not in use and with a few simple changes, can easily shift into sleeping quarters.

Consider using blanket boxes as well to stash away bedding and pillows along with a set of clean towels so they are always within reach for any visitors.

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