How to Make Your New Build Home Your Own

For many of us, a new build home offers much to be desired – a chance to own a place where no one has made their mark before us, where problems of older properties like repairing broken roof slates or fixing damp are not an issue because everything is new, where guarantees on build provide piece of mind.

But it also poses its challenges. With a totally blank canvas before us, adding in our personalities mean a world of options available – so what do you choose? How do we make it into something that reflects our personalities, styles and the way we live our lives?

Today’s post will help you add character and personality to your new build home with inspiration from those who have succeeded in making their home their own.

Create Cosiness

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 Canterbury Double Bed

With a lack of character features, new builds can sometimes feel a bit bland or cold. Create warmth and cosiness with your accessories as @x_the_mutt_house_x has done.

Choose cosy extra cushions with touchable textiles like velvet to layer up, and use throws on your bed to compliment the colour of your linen. These elements beg you to stay in bed that little bit longer.

Add personality to your space by leaving your favourite current book on your bedside table. To create some consistency, choose an accent colour to use sparingly around the room to pull it all together.

Work with Symmetry

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Baku Light Chest of Drawers

One of the easiest shortcuts to style is to create symmetry in a space using matching pieces on both sides of a wall. In our example above, has chosen a pair of matching Baku Light Solid Mango chests of drawers to flank a large mirror in her bedroom.

Consider using pairs in other areas of the home too – matching lamps on either side of the bed, a pair of armchairs across from a sofa in the living room, two large framed prints hanging above a console table. Our brains find symmetry easy to understand and as such, it has a calming effect in a room.

Play with Pattern


Scroll Back Checked Dining Chairs

While new builds sometimes lack certain features that create a homely look, you can utilise textiles to create interest and a focal point in your room. We love how our Scroll Back Checked Granite chairs chosen by @vaughan_new_home give her kitchen/diner so much personality.

Consider choosing one larger piece of furniture with a pattern to play off other elements of your space. Whether it’s a checked pattern in your dining room chairs or a floral pattern in your sofa, these items catch the eye so ensure the surrounding elements from the paint colour you choose to accessories in the space carry the same palette of colours throughout.

Add Life with Plants and Flowers


St Ives Sideboard, St Ives Dining Table & St Ives Dining Chairs

Finally, consider bringing in plants and flowers into your home. We love how @myarundelstory has dressed up her dining room with the addition of a potted Dracaena and vases of flowers on both the St. Ives Grey Painted sideboard as well as in the window sill.

Nature gives us the ‘feel-good’ factor and can alleviate stress, reduce our anxiety levels and make us breathe easier so bring that feeling indoors by creating a little urban jungle in your new build home. Consider gathering a few varieties of houseplants in a sunny corner, add fresh herbs to your kitchen window or display fresh cut flowers on your coffee table and bring the outdoors in.

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