How to Update a Room in Less Than 10 Minutes

We all love a quick fix, right? Thus the proliferation of things like ‘cleaning hacks’ and ‘home hacks’ and ‘life hacks’. Simple, cheap and quick seems to be the motto these days and for good reason. We are all increasingly valuing whatever leisure time we have these days between work commitments, family commitments, community commitments and trying to get the most we can out of life too. So if you are finding yourself a little time poor these days but still want your home to look spruced up and ready for company at a moment’s notice, my post today might just help.

How to Update a Room in Less Than 10 Minutes

Is your home is looking a little stale? Does it need a bit of a boost? My quick and easy tricks may be just enough to give the space the finishing touch it currently lacks and best of all – none of them take more than 10 minutes to do.

Swap out your textiles


New cushions on the sofa, a pretty new duvet or a new set of curtains will instantly elevate a plain room in a punchy new colour or print. If your room is fairly neutral, then the world is your oyster but if you already have a colour scheme, then be sure to tie in these textiles to the rest of the space to make it look more cohesive. For spring and summer, a fresh floral print can bring in the outdoors and in autumn and winter, think chunky textiles, knitted fabrics and velvet for warmth and comfort. If your sofa has seen better days, cover it with a large throw in a sari print for instant boho chic.

Replace a gallery wall with a single piece of art

large art in dining room

The most current look in any interior designer’s arsenal is the inclusion of a single large piece of artwork. If the gallery wall you paintstakingly planned out isn’t even something you look at any more, perhaps it’s time for a change. Go for something large that commands attention – a striking black and white abstract to add contrast and tension or a soothing watercolour in the same colours as your scheme to bring a sense of calm.

Add a rug

large rug sarah sherman samuel

If your floors are bare, add texture and warmth back into the space with a large rug which will define and ground the space. Remember to purchase the right size for your space (check out my tips on choosing a rug here). In a living room, it should be large enough that the front legs of any furniture around its perimeter is on the rug and in the dining room, it should be large enough that when you pull out a chair, it’s still on the rug. In this case, bigger is normally better. For instant style, consider a bold geometric pattern, a vintage turkish rug or a graphic kilim print to bring in some colourĀ or choose a soft, deep pile Beni Ourain style for a living room or bedroom.

Bring in some houseplants

house plants emily henderson

We are a nation obsessed with houseplants these days and for very good reason. They bring the outside in, clean the air and create a welcoming effect in nearly any space – from kitchens to dining rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms, there’s no place a plant doesn’t fit in. For a real statement piece, look for species with larger leaves like monstera deliciosa (swiss cheese plant) or a ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig) or consider a few hanging plants to draw the eye up and make ceilings appear higher.

Go big with lighting

pendant light in bedroom

One area where you can really play with scale to create a statement in a space is by swapping out a smaller light fitting with a larger statement pendant. Consider something brightly coloured to add a bit of fun, a warm metallic in brass or copper to add a touch of glamour or something large and textural to give the room an organic feel.

So those are just a few ways to give your room a whole new look in under 10 minutes! What do you do to shake up your own space? Tweet us at @OFLOakFurniture to let us know!