While many of us aspire to have an opulent bedroom, the reality is that most of our bedrooms are pretty average sized, if not a little on the small side. And while filling a larger room comes with its own challenges, creating a bedroom sanctuary where space is limited might mean that clutter and storage can quickly spiral.

Our tips today will share a few tricks you can do to maximise your bedroom space with both practical storage as well as creating the look of more space with some clever tricks of the eye.

Get Organised & De-Clutter

Urban Style Bedroom with Green Wall

Bed / Wardrobe / Bedside Table

It’s easy to fill up the space we have but when you are working with a small bedroom, ensuring that you are editing the content of your wardrobes and your room on a regular basis is key. It may mean being ruthless with letting things go that you’ve not worn or used for years and only keeping what fits well and you genuinely feel good in.

Once you’ve de-cluttered and dropped off a few bags to charity, your space will be more open and you’ll feel mentally lighter too.

We’ve got more tips on wardrobes for small bedrooms here.

Utilise Mirrors & Light

Orrick Bedroom Range with soft white walls

Bedside Table / Bed / Chest of Drawers / Blanket Box 

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to nearly any space but it really comes into its own when used in a small bedroom. Try placing it across from a window to maximise the light in a room, reflecting whatever you may get back into the space for an airy feel. It’ll also do the job of visually creating depth, doubling the space that’s reflected into it and creating a more open feel.

Here are some other creative ways to use mirrors in your home.

You may also want to ensure your room gets plenty of light which will go a long way in creating a space that visually feels lighter and larger. Choose voile’s or unlined curtains which will allow plenty of light into the room but still provide privacy or a simple blackout roller blind in a colour that matches your window frame which will tuck under your window frame nicely during the day but still ensures you get a good night’s sleep.

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Leggy Furniture

Industrial Chest of Drawers with accessories

Chest of Drawers

Larger, heavier pieces of furniture can look a bit cramped in a small bedroom. Consider furniture which raises the piece off the floor and allowing you to see the floor beneath. It’ll create the illusion of more floor space and therefore, a larger room.

Galway Bedroom Range

Wardrobe / Bed / Chest of Drawers / Blanket Box

While many divan beds promise additional storage, you’ll likely get more usable space by using a bed with raised legs instead. The entire area under the bed could then be used for storage with under-bed storage boxes, baskets and bags. Use this area to store out-of-season clothing and linens that you don’t have to access often.

Tricking the Eye

Kemble Bedroom Range with pink dusky tones

Bed / Bedside Table

Another way to trick the eye in making your bedroom look larger is to ensure your curtains are hung just a few inches from the ceiling rather than right over the window frame and buy ones long enough to hit the floor. That floor-to-ceiling look will elongate a room, creating what looks like higher ceilings in your room.

Terrazzo Styled Bedroom Decor

Bed / Bedside Table / Chest of Drawers

You might also want to make sure that any rugs are large – ensuring at least 1/3-1/2 of the bed is on the rug with plenty of rug visible in front and on each side of the bed. A smaller rug will make your space look smaller, drawing attention to that specific point on the floor. When in doubt, always go as large as you can.

For more tips on choosing a rug, our guide will help.

Limit Your Colour Scheme

White Painted Bedroom Furniture

Bed / Bedside Table / Wardrobe

Of course, what colours you wish to use in your bedroom is entirely your own choice but be aware that bolder and darker colours may have the tendency to make a room look smaller as the darker and more saturated hues create a visually heavier look.

For the feel of a more open and airy space, consider a softer palette with lighter or neutral colours on the walls. If you want to bring in a touch of colour, choose accessories like cushions, throws and art in bolder or deeper shades in just 2-3 shades for contrast or use a tonal palette of similar shades throughout.

Clever Storage

Blanket Box

Look out for furniture for your small bedroom which does double duty. A blanket box will allow you to store linens and clothing and still provide a spot to sit, while a desk can be used as a small home office as well as a vanity for getting ready in the morning.

Consider utilising a smaller 2-door wardrobe and create additional storage with some baskets on top or choose bedside tables with plenty of drawer space to hold any essentials. And don’t forget about using whatever vertical space you may have in a room. Create a long shelf that runs along the top of the bed to store books or artwork or consider small wall shelves instead of bedside tables to save even more space.