How To Kit Out Your Guest Bedroom

Whether friends and family are staying for a night or a week, your guest bedroom will be their home base for a while, so why not optimise it to make them feel like VIPs? There are a few simple things you can do to kit out your guest bedroom, creating a lovely sanctuary where visitors will feel comfortable and welcome.

If you don’t have a dedicated guest bedroom space, many of these tips can be applied to any situation, whether that’s a pull-out sofa in the living room or a daybed in an office space. A few home comforts will go a long way in creating a lovely ‘home away from home’ for your friends or family.

Clean Bedding

Decadent Bed

Bella triple wardrobe / Trieste lamp / French Farmhouse bedside table / Bella king-sized bed

This should really go without saying but make sure you always have a freshly laundered set of linens ready to go even when the overnight stay is unexpected. A couple of fluffy pillows, a suitable tog duvet, a fitted sheet and an additional blanket is really all that’s required for a good night’s sleep. But why not go the extra mile? You can create additional luxury by using high-quality bedding with a high thread count, linen sheets and duvet covers that only get softer with each wash or on a chilly night, flannel bedding that feels warm and cosy against the skin.

For tips on how to style your bedding, try mixing and matching your bed linen.

You’ll also want to leave out some freshly washed towels – a full-sized towel, a hand towel and a face towel for each individual. When in doubt, white towels will always look clean and fresh. Fold them neatly and place them nearby so that guests can grab them easily.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Painted wardrobe brindle collection

Brindle double wardrobe

Clear out a small area in a wardrobe in the room or use an empty hanging rail to allow guests to hang up their clothes. You can also clear out a drawer in a chest of drawers for them to keep their things so they aren’t having to live out of a suitcase. Just be sure to let your guests know they are available for their use.

It’s also a good idea to leave a small tray or bowl on the bedside table or a small side table near the bed for your guests to place any jewellery they may remove at night so that it doesn’t get lost.


Bedroom with grey painted furniture

Kemble bedside table / Oakdale king-sized bed

Leave a pitcher or carafe of water and clean glasses in their room as well and be sure to change the water each day of their stay. If you want to go the extra mile, you can include a small kettle in their room with a few mugs, tea bags or instant coffee and UHT milk – or, show them where in the kitchen they can grab these items easily and let them know they can help themselves.

Want to go the extra mile? Leave a small inexpensive bouquet of fresh flowers near the bedside table in a small vase. Flowers always add a bit of life and light to any room and create a welcoming ambience. If your guests are staying for an extended period, be sure to swap them out if they start to wilt.


White and oak furniture with geometric wallpaper

Country Cottage king-size bed / Oakdale blanket box / Oakdale triple wardrobe

Make sure there is a lamp near the bedside table so that your guests can easily use it to read a book before turning in and switch out the light without having to pad across a cold floor in bare feet! If you can, be sure there is a plug socket available near the bed for them to charge their phone or other devices overnight – and don’t forget to share your wi-fi password with them too.

Do you love the geometric look above? Read more for how to incorporate this hot trend into your home design.

Anticipate What They Forgot

White painted dressing table

Arlette dressing table / Arlette dressing table stool / Arlette dressing table mirror

Save your guests any embarrassment of having to ask by including a small basket of easily forgotten toiletries. Travel-sized soaps, conditioners and body wash, a new toothbrush and toothpaste and a disposable razor are all things that are easily overlooked when packing.

Leave a selection of books or magazines that your guest might enjoy in the room too. If you want to go the extra mile and your guests will be with you for an extended time, include a map of the area and highlight things like restaurants you’d recommend or site seeing trips they might wish to take whilst on their visit.

How do you prepare for guests in your home? Let us know in the comments or share your pics with us on  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We’ll be sure to feature our favourites!