How to Decorate Around a TV

It’s no secret, TVs are one of the things that interior designers – both professional and amateur home decor specialists alike – struggle with. They aren’t particularly beautiful pieces, even with today’s slim-profiled flat screens. When they’re on, they may be a source of entertainment, but when they’re off, they’re just a big black hole in your room, not to mention the cords and accessories that come with them? How can you incorporate a TV  into a stylish room? How do you make it look less like a big empty box and more like a stylish decor feature?

While some people would advocate getting rid of your TV completely, we know that’s not an option for every family – we love a good Netflix binge ourselves – and the best design challenges can sometimes be the best style opportunities. So we’ve gathered together some of the most interesting ways to decorate around a TV to inspire you, helping you to create a more stylish and functional living room.

The art of disguise



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If you find your TV more of an eyesore than an entertainment centre, why not try and disguise it completely? Built-in wardrobes, sliding panels, TV cabinets, and TV ottomans are just a few ways to hide your TV out of sight. If you’d prefer a more versatile option, Japanese-inspired folding screens are great for not only creating a room divider, or showing off a favourite pattern, they can be a stylish way to disguise your home media. Alternatively, House Beautiful has a great example of using an oversized-pull down map to hide your TV.

Make it part of a gallery wall

And speaking of art, gallery walls are still having a design moment. Create a playful arrangement of your favourite prints and portraits to help make your TV blend into the background of a room.

Gallery Wall

We love the different approaches you can take with a gallery wall, too. If you’re looking for gallery inspiration, take a look at Apartment therapy’s artful tips. We think a decorative display of your favourite prints would look fantastic with our Original Rustic Large TV Unit for a rustic yet refined living room.

Go to the dark side

Speaking of striking wall colours, this is another great TV disguise. Dark painted walls or richly patterned wallpaper can help a TV to fade into the background.

TV on dark wood on the wall

Consider using a dark colour/wood or paint the alcove to create contrast in the room, and prevent the TV from taking the focus away from the overall room decor. It’s a masterclass in subtly creating an upscale look that would work well for any home. But if you don’t have an alcove, don’t worry! Use a graphic wallpaper pattern on a flat wall to create the same camouflaged effect.

tropical wallpaper in living room setting

Amp up the accessories

Sometimes, all you need to do to help your TV fit better into your home style is to add some accessories to your TV stand or media console. Adding plants and accessories can help to distract the eye, balance out the visuals, or add a touch of personality to a display. Just make sure that your TV has lots of space on either side so you can place your favourite pieces near it!



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All in all, decorating around a TV can actually be an enjoyable task. What are your top tips for TV decor? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #OakFurnitureland.