If you are one of the four million people around the country who work from home regularly, you’ll know the environment that you like to work in to keep productivity and motivation levels high. 

Aegean style office work space

Interior design has the power to influence our frame of mind, so a dedicated room or space styled to energise us for the day ahead is crucial. But what should you consider for your home office to ensure you can be productive and stay organised? Take a look at our top tips:

Bring in the Light

Open plan office space with white furniture

Natural sunlight is a mood-booster for most but it’s scientifically proven to influence how alert and awake we feel during the day. According to Metalfloss, a study in 2014 found that “people who had windows in their office exercised more, got more sleep (on average, 46 minutes more a night!), and had a greater sense of overall wellbeing than those whose offices had no windows.”

If you want to feel productive first thing, make sure you get plenty of natural light by pulling your curtains all the way open (or leaving your windows bare). You’ll also want to incorporate artificial light into your design. Task lighting on your desk at a minimum will be needed as straining your eyes to see what your doing is a sure-fire way to create tiredness.

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Choose Your Colours

We know that certain colours can affect our moods with almost every colour of the spectrum having a mix of positive and negative effects. So, consider carefully the choice of colours you use to decorate your home office.

Red is one of the most powerful stimulators but it can also make us feel more aggressive or short-tempered, so it may be best to use in smaller doses. Blues and greens can create a calming energy and provide clarity and focus, while yellow is said to encourage positivity and creativity.

While everyone is different, think about the way colours make you feel and be sure to utilise that knowledge when decorating your space.

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A Place for Everything

Open plan Industrial Style Office Space

While the expression, ‘a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind’ is debatable, there is something to be said about having a tidy work area. For many of us, a messy work area can leave us feeling unconsciously anxious and overwhelmed.

According to Psychology Today, clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli, causing our senses to work overtime on things that aren’t necessary, creates distractions and makes it more difficult to relax.

Investing in organisational storage for our requirements (and then getting into the habit of using it) can mean a more productive work area with fewer distractions and ultimately, less stress.

Minimise the Disruptions

Grey Painted Office Desk and Stool

Speaking of distractions, there’s little point to creating your home office in the middle of the busiest rooms of your home. Children playing, the television droning or even a tantalisingly unmade bed can be enough to make us unfocused and unproductive.

Ensure your home office is set up in an area of the home that’s quiet and free from the many distractions of everyday life. Want to cut down on more distractions? Consider changing your notification settings on your phone so that the constant digs of social media aren’t a temptation and set blocks of time in your working day to answer emails or texts which derail your productivity too.

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