How To: Create a Clutter Free Family Home

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If you have a busy family life, you’ll know how hard it can be to maintain a tidy, clutter free home. Children come with all kinds of toys, books, bags and shoes to mention just a few and it takes a lot of organisation to keep their rooms and your home looking ordered and mess-free. It can be done but you need to give it some time and consideration.

As a parent myself I know the difficulties associated with managing the clutter that accumulates within a family home, and the struggles of finding ways to ensure the house stays organised. Over the years I’ve tried many approaches and methods of making this happen; some have worked, some have been not so successful. So if you want to find out some of tip and tricks, do read on.

A Regular DeClutter:

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Now it might sound simple but this task is often overlooked. Every 6 months spend time in your children’s rooms and give it a really good sort through. Start with the clothes, (always useful to do when the season changes) work through the drawers and through out or donate to charity, all of the clothes that no longer fit. Then move onto the toys. If you do this regularly you’ll be surprised at how accommodating the little people can be, and how accustomed to the process they become. It’s quite likely that your children accumulate a large selection of books so ensure you sort through those too and encourage your children to pass on old and unused books.

Introduce Clever Storage:

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This is a tip that you can apply throughout the house but start in the kids’ rooms. Organise their toys into appropriately sized storage boxes and label them. If the children are small use symbols or images that identify with the contents, and as they get older change these labels to words. If you put the storage boxes on low enough shelves it’s easier to encourage the children to tidy up after themselves (well, you can try!).

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Then ensure you apply the same kinds of tricks to the rest of the house. Add clever storage around the house. Coffee tables with drawers, storage footstools, bookcases, baskets, boxes and more. And where appropriate, add identifying labels. It’s so much easier to encourage the whole family to keep their belongings organised if storage boxes are clearly labelled.

Think Creatively:

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Not all storage has to be straightforward and obvious. As well as creating a clean, clutter-free home, good storage is also a trick to use in a smaller home when you need it to feel bigger and more spacious. So find ways to bring great pieces into your decor. Think creatively as well as practically. Can you put shelves higher up in the room for book storage? Could you use multi-purpose furniture like storage footstools and sofa beds? Keep magazines tidy in racks, fire logs neat in baskets, and use decorative boxes as accessories and practical storage spaces.

It is possible to create a clutter-free family home all it needs is a little imagination and planning to set up your storage systems. Plus get the family on board and get them used to a regular declutter once in a while to help keep their mountain of possession at bay.

How do you keep your home tidy and organised? We’d love to know! Send your best tips and tricks to @OFLOakFurniture on Twitter & we’ll be sure to feature our favourites.