How To Create A Bright & Cosy Living Room

February and March are such transitional months. Not quite as dull and miserable as the months previous but we’re not yet into the warmer days of spring. While we may embrace the darker months with moodier colours, the sun is getting higher, the days are getting longer and we may be missing that bright and airy look we all love come summer.

Decorating your home for these transitional months may be a little challenging as we want to take advantage of a lighter brighter look without losing the comfort factor of the winter months. Today, I’m sharing some inspirational living rooms as well as a moodboard to show you how easy it is to create a bright and cosy living room.

Embrace spring colours in textiles

Blue themed living room with grey painted furniture

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From white and grey to warm neutrals, greens, blues and the palest pastels, be sure to bring in a lighter fresher look in your textiles. You can find many lovely warm knitted throws or woolly cushions in earthy or pale colours which will retain that cosiness we crave when it’s still too cold to venture outdoors but look beautiful when the sun is finally shining – even if it’s not particularly warm out yet!

Add greenery to the mix

Grey Corner sofa with geometric rug

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I don’t know about you but I always have a few plant ‘fatalities’ over the winter months. The lack of sunlight does a number on my house plants and try as I might, some varieties will inevitably wither and die at some point over the long hard winter. With the sun finally higher in the sky and more and more sunny days, you can take advantage of this by bringing in a few new green friends. You’ll have a much greater chance of survival with more sunlight at this time of year.

Consider paler wood tones in your furniture

orrick rustic solid oak console table

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Lighter and natural wood colours are really on trend at the moment and while darker wood colours may feel warm and cosy in winter, they may make any room look a bit heavier. So consider swapping out some of your smaller pieces with lighter colours that will lift a room and make it look visually lighter too whilst still retaining the charm and warmth that wood brings to a space.

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Bring in natural textures

Mango wood sideboard in terrazzo style living room

Speaking of natural items, consider incorporating more organic items into your decorating to both warm and brighten it. Fabrics like coir, sisal or rattan are great indoors or out and incorporating these textures will warm your scheme up without making things look too dark or heavy.

Let the light in

Aegean style living room

Embrace the additional hours of sunlight we’re getting by pulling those curtains wide open during the day. Hanging your curtains high and wide will allow the entire window to be exposed and allow as much natural light as possible into your home. While you’re at it, consider swapping your heavy lined curtains for lighter ones or including some soft voiles to add fullness without blocking precious sunlight.

Get the look

Looking for a bright but cosy living room look for the transitional months? Check out our moodboard below:

Bright and Cosy Living Room

round sheepskin cushion / voile curtains / cosy pompom throw / tufted woven rug /chesterfield 2 seater sofa 

solid mango coffee table / calathea flamestar houseplant