Dry your summer flowers

Summer seems to be fading away quickly at the moment. Strange to think that only a couple of weeks back we were basking in glorious sunshine and sweltering temperatures. Suddenly the temperature has dropped, some rain has set in and the end of the summer seems to draw closer. The thing that I find the saddest is (apart from my heating bill being set to go up again) the fading of all those summer flowers. The ones that grow in gardens and in fields. Of course it’s possible to buy flowers all year round nowadays, but it’s just not the same as seeing them actually grow in nature.

Anyway, as the inevitable happens, I start to think about how I can keep the flowers I do have for a little longer and drying them seems the best and most obvious solution. Now, I’m aware that dusty, dried bouquets can conjure up images of the 1980s, but there are ways to make dried flowers look fun and modern, not to mention useful. Here are some of my favourites which I hope will inspire you to dry those pretty flowers and use them to decorate your home.

Make a botanical wall. Single stems of dried and beautifully faded flowers are displayed along with twigs and leaves. This will look particularly striking against a white or very dark neutral wall. Personally, I don’t think a wall in beige or magnolia would work too well as it would lack the contrast needed for this to have an impact. Should that happen to be the colour of your wall though, then try and stick the flowers onto a large piece of white or black card to make it into a natural poster.

Some flowers and petals dry so nicely that it would be a shame to throw them away even when they’re falling off. If you have some flowers that retain their colour as beautifully as these peonies, then why not make them into some environmentally friendly confetti for a wedding? We usually get several months notice when a wedding will happen, so more than enough time to collect the flowers and get them dried.

Drying entire small buds is another way to make pretty flowers last longer. With the help of some metal wire they can easily be made into a letter, a heart or a simple, but pretty wreath.

Isn’t this garland just beautiful? Lots of different flowers which have retained their colours have been used to create this one. What I love about it is the fact that whilst it is colourful, it doesn’t look garish but very natural. If you want to create something like this, you will have start collecting flowers in as many colours as you can find.

This one really does transcend the seasons: dried rose petals in a clear Christmas bauble. But why not? This bauble can of course now be used all year round and makes a pretty keepsake. Those petals that were used for the wedding confetti would look gorgeous kept like this…

Of course it doesn’t always have to be flowers. It’s all about being creative and that doesn’t stop at flowers. Pretty grasses found on road sides and some flowers that had actually died and dried due to the hot weather make lovely little displays just as they are. Nothing much added or done to them, just let nature show through.

I hope you find these ideas inspirational and they might make the looming transition from summer to autumn a little easier.

Carole x