How to Create a Romantic Bedroom

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be thinking of investing in a few roses to scatter on your loved one’s pillow and forking out for a special bottle of bubbly.  But before you do, there are a few things worth considering to make sure that these little shows of affection don’t go to waste.

While we may think this is all that’s required for a little romance, the truth is, that there is actually more that can be done to make sure your bedroom is one that’s ripe for romance!

The first thing that really should be addressed is any clutter that may be around – post piled up on a bedside table, a mess of chargers and a glass of water that’s been sat for 3 days are distracting.  Make sure your bedside tables are beautifully tidy and store those charges in the drawer.  A small bunch of flowers in a vase atop a few books, a lamp and perhaps a small tray to catch your everyday jewellery is really all that’s necessary to ensure there are no unnecessary distractions.  A picture of the two of you enjoying a happy time can evoke good memories and make you closer.

Nightstand styling

Are there clothes scattered around the space?  Tidy up and put away the piles of clean laundry and use your chest of drawers to it’s full potential by allowing it to shine in a space.  Some well placed accessories work just as well here to ensure your room looks its best.   A mirror, some art and special items that remind you of travels together gives a room a collected and timeless look.

Chest of Drawers

The same goes for a great wardrobe!  With fantastic storage options available these days, there’s no excuse to have your bedroom look like a clothing bomb went off in it.  Make sure you store your dirty laundry elsewhere – the smell of his old gym kit is a sure-fire way to kill the mood!  Instead use cut flowers, candles or room sprays or diffusers to add a pleasing scent to a room.  Stay away from anything too heavy – light florals, citrus and fresh natural scents add to the mood.


Your bed should be inviting and textural – nice fabrics feel good against the skin so make sure you buy sheets in the highest thread-count you can afford and you’ll never regret the purchase!  Cushions and throws in natural fabrics like velvet, silk, linen or faux fur all add to a romantic room.


Last but not least, consider your lighting.  A harsh overhead light has no place in a romantic setting so be sure to use dimmer switches, use lamps for soft pools of lights or even better, string white fairy lights or light candles (not too close to the bed – we don’t want a fire hazard) which provides a much more flattering light.

I hope these little tips today help you to create a more romantic space!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kimberly x