Bulbs To Plant Now For Spring Blooms

I know that at first glance these pictures will look a little, er, out of season, shall we say…! I mean, it’s early October and I’m showing you a pretty Spring garden – what’s all that about?! After all, we’re (at least in this part of the world) more likely to see fallen leaves and grey skies for the foreseeable future rather than colourful flowers and sunshine. However, I haven’t lost the plot and there’s a reason why I’m showing you this: if you would like your garden to look like this by next Spring, then now’s the time to take action. In other words, now is the time to get out there and plant those bulbs.

From September until November (but definitely before the first frost sets in) is the time to buy the bulbs you’d like to see flower next year, dig some holes and get planting. It is then over winter that the plants will root and come up in Spring. They are a great way to add colour to your garden just as Winter is drawing to a close and we need it the most. These flowers will bloom before nature truly wakes up and are guaranteed to make you smile and dream about summer.

Once you’ve decided to tackle the task of planting, you will of course need to find the bulbs. It is advisable to source the bulbs from a reputable nursery or garden centre and make sure the bulbs are plump and firm to produce the best possible flowers. You will also need to look at the colours you would like to see in your garden. All the colours of the rainbow can look just as great as different varieties in a single colour, it’s really down to taste.

Plant your bulbs in a place where they will get lots of sunlight and the soil doesn’t get waterlogged. If too much water collects around the bulbs, they might rot and not bloom at all. If your garden is on the small side or you only have a balcony, then why not plant the bulbs into a large pot? The effect is just as beautiful and well suited to tiny spaces. And if you’re after more ideas for for indoors, take a peek at this post. Whether in a flower bed or plant pot, you should prepare the soil by loosening it (digging the beds up) before planting the bulbs with the pointy side facing up. Whilst the bulbs should have enough space between each other (around two bulbs space) to grow, don’t plant them too far apart as it will result in your flowerbed looking sparse.

Just as layering in your home should have the tallest object in the back and the smaller ones at the front, flowers (especially when planting in front of a wall or fence) should follow the same rule. Plant the tallest ones (for example daffodils) at the back and shorter ones at the front. That way you will be able to actually see all of them come Spring.

If you’re wondering how deep you should plant the bulbs, well, it does vary which means that guides like the above are pretty useful, right? So, I shall stop here and let you go and tend to your garden!

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