Bringing Positive Energy into your Home

Argh, it’s only January, it’s cold, it’s (mostly) grey, the parties are over, we feel ever so slightly down and any holiday is very far away… Could things be any bleaker? Really, it’s time to bring in some positive vibes. If we can’t change the weather, month or move to Bali in the near future, then we have to do something at home. Yes, after cleaning, decluttering and detoxing our homes, it’s time for some good vibes and positive energy.


Many of the ideas and techniques relating to creating positive energy within our homes are rooted in ancient traditions and rituals. We now live in a world that is so highly digitalised and busy that we often forget about ancient wisdoms or simply dismiss them as rubbish. It is, however, exactly because we live in this crazy busy world where we often feel under pressure that we might be well advised to at least try some of these techniques. Whether you’re looking to just creating a lovely, warm atmosphere by using some incense sticks or a diffuser with some fragrant oils, or you’re looking to truly bring in some positive energy is of course up to you. There are many different ways to achieve a more balance home, so I thought I’d introduce you to some of them.


One ancient tradition is called smudging which is aimed at clearing a space from negative energy and inviting positive energy in. This is usually done with a so-called smudge stick: a bundle of herbs (often sage, but lavender or cedar also work) which is lit to create some smoke. You would then walk around your home, wafting the smoke into every corner to clear out the negative energy. Make sure you carry with you a bowl to catch any falling ashes.


Plants are not only good for generally cleaning the air in your home and creating a healthier environment, some of themĀ are also said to actively promote positive energy. Lucky Bamboo for example has been used in Asia for thousands of years to bring health, love and luck into homes. Many of the ancient wisdoms are rooted in teachings like Feng Shui and the Money Plant is said to create a positive energy flow that brings good fortune and luck. If it’s kitchen herbs you’re after, then Rosemary is a great one. Through its fragrance, it can reduce anxiety, lift your mood, reduce fatigue and restore inner peace. There really is more to plants than just being decorative.


If it’s decorative you’re after, then crystals are a great way to add some texture and interest to a display. Not only that, but certain crystals have very distinct healing properties which will also benefit your home and your wellbeing. Amethyst for example relieves stress and can help to rid your home of negative energy whilst inviting in positivity.

I realise that these tips might not be for everybody, but there are also some ideas that come from places like Feng Shui which are generally said to help: get rid of unnecessary clutter (which is said to add stress), let as much natural light into your home as possible and get rid of all electronic devices in your bedroom. Just small changes like these should help you create a more positive and relaxed home.