5 Simple Steps To A Cosy ‘Hygge’ Home

What’s your favourite thing about winter? If it’s a combination of cosy evenings by the fire, long walks through the frozen countryside and the satisfying feeling of crunching old autumn leaves under your feet, then you’re already all about Hygge!

So what is Hygge? You might’ve heard the word being used a lot lately in home décor and lifestyle magazines, and it’s quite tricky to explain – as well as pronounce! (Apparently, it’s like Hoo-guh…) Hygge is actually a Dutch word with no literal translation into English, but it refers to that hard-to-name feeling of cosiness and contentment that we get in winter months. Ever spent a cold evening wrapped up in your favourite old cable-knit jumper, holding a mug of hot spiced apple and watching your favourite TV show whilst something delicious cooks in the oven? Yep, that’s Hygge!

We love this concept so much because it reminds us of how great the colder months really can be. As the temperature drops and the nights get longer it’s easy to feel grumpy about summer ending, especially if you’re still day dreaming about those wonderful days spent on the British seaside. But although we’re sad to say goodbye to summer, Hygge reminds us that there’s lots to celebrate about autumn and winter too! A Hygge home is all about making the best of the space around you and enjoying what you already have, so there’s no need to do a complete overhaul of your décor – you can just make a few small changes. So pull on those slipper socks and light those cinnamon scented candles, cause we’re about to get Hygge.

Source: Photo by Tamar Waskey on Unsplash

How To: Get The Hygge Look In Your Home.

Step 1: Get Organised

Set aside a weekend to pack away all of those old summer clothes, and the other summery bits and bobs lying around that you won’t need for several months. Put the barbecue back into the garage, the shorts back into storage and swap your light summer duvet for the snuggliest heavy tog one you can find. Need more storage space for all the summer things you’ve accumulated this year? No problem – a solid hardwood blanket box provides ample storage space, and will add a touch of practical style to your home.

As you pack away your summer things, all the coats, blankets, hats and scarves that you packed away last year can come out of hiding, and it’s great to go back through and remember all those things you forgot you had. As you’re organising, rearrange your wardrobe so that lighter pieces are at the front and heavier clothes are at the back. As we get further into winter, you can swap this order around as the temperature drops.

Be sure to hang on to all those blankets, throws and pillows – you’ll need them for step 2!

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Step 2: Layered Textiles

No  home is complete without a gorgeous array of different textiles. And in a good Hygge home, the more the merrier! Don’t worry too much about mixing patterns and styles; this look is all about maximising comfort and increasing cosiness, so the more blankets you have the better.

We’re all used to keeping blankets on our bed and maybe the sofa in winter, but for this look try to think outside of the (blanket) box! Stacks of neatly folded blankets dotted around the house are not only practical, they’ll also help to increase the feeling of this being a home prepped and ready for winter. Try folding a few different blankets in different colours and textures – a faux fur white, for example, alongside a shearling black and a knitted navy – and placing them next to your bedside table, at the foot of your stairs, or on top of a chest of drawers.

But of course, textiles aren’t reserved only for blankets. Stock up on pillows this winter to make your bed, sofa and armchairs as comfy as can be – and think about curtains, too! A decent pair of curtains made of thick and durable fabric will not only make a world of difference when it comes to keeping your home warm, they’ll also make it seem cosier.

Source: Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Step 3: Hygge & Dine with Friends

Hygge is best enjoyed with friends and family. There’s nothing like spending time with those we love to make us feel warm, snug and content – especially in winter, when it’s all too easy to spend too much time cooped up indoors. Nothing says ‘Hygge’ quite like a delicious home cooked meal enjoyed with the best people on a cold wintery evening, so make sure your dining room is ready for the months ahead.

Is your dining set looking a little worn or outdated after more than a few years of use? We’ve got a great range of solid hardwood dining sets available here, which are sure to last you throughout this winter and for many more beyond. Plus, order now and you’ll have guaranteed delivery for that all important Christmas dinner – probably the most ‘Hygge’ day of all!

Use our guide to inspiring autumn table settings to create a picture perfect dining scene.

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Step 4: A Cosy Living Room

The living room is one of our favourite rooms in the house, especially throughout autumn and winter. The colder months give us a great excuse to curl up indoors in our favourite spot on the sofa, watching all of the best autumn/winter TV – yes, we do mean Strictly! And since Hygge is about making the most of the good things you already have, make sure you’re making the most of your living room.

If you’ve been meaning to invest in a new sofa for a while now, this is a great time to do it. Not only will you have guaranteed delivery by Christmas, but you’ll have the whole of winter to enjoy it! For a perfect Scandinavian style living room, we love the Nebraska sofa – available in an array of wintery colours and supplied with cosy scatter pillows.

But of course, the living room isn’t all about the sofa. Use the colder months to let your living room become a haven of all things toasty and comforting. Stack your actual favourite books on the coffee table, use your favourite blanket as a sofa throw, and use a winter spiced room spray to make it smell amazing. You could also pick up a few small storage boxes and use them to store cosy accessories, such as fluffy slipper socks and sachets of your favourite hot chocolate. Finally, get around to framing photos of your loved ones and display them on your mantelpiece or sideboard to make your living room the most Hygge room in your house.

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Step 5: Let In The Light

The last step is arguably the most important – get lots and lots of light! We’re used to dark and dreary winters in Britain, but there’s no reason our homes should be the same. Have you read our guide to brightening up your home for autumn and winter yet? It’s full of lots of tips and tricks for a light and bright winter home, from candles to fairy lights to our favourite – lamps.

Not just for the bedside table, lamps are the perfect way to keep your home light and cosy this winter. They’re inexpensive and fit comfortably into your existing home décor, making them the perfect Hygge accessory.


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Happy Hygge!