5 Quick Wins to Make your New House a Home

Contemporary living spaceMoving house is a stressful business, one that eats your time, energy and money. So once you’ve finally signed on the dotted line and moving day comes around, you are exhausted but ecstatic about starting the new chapter in your life.

You open the doors to new your new home only to find it looking bare, shabby and unloved. Once the previous owners have left and taken their belongings with them, the home returns to a shell and it’s up to you to put your stamp on it. Houses can look very tired at this point and it can be a shock to see your new home looking this way, but never fear! We’ve got some easy quick wins you to make your house feel like home, in no time.

#1 A Quick Once Over

You’ve got your boxes through the door but the place doesn’t look like anywhere you would live. Well the first thing you need to do is get around with the cleaning products. Even if the previous owner has left it spick and span, using the products you’re familiar with will help eradicate their smell. Remove and clean, or at the very least use some Febreze, the curtains and soft furnishings. All of this helps you psychologically too. Moving into a home occupied by strangers is a weird feeling, but ‘removing’ all traces of them can help you feel more settled.

#2 Invite Friends Round

friends eating

Okay, so the place might not be looking great right now, but those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind! You need to start making new memories in your new place, and what better way to do that than get your mates round for a few beers and some takeout food? Better still – get them to bring the wine and beer! If you haven’t unpacked properly and have no idea where you’ve put the crockery, don’t worry, it’s not about creating a wonderful dinner party. This is about sharing the start of your new journey with people who matter to you.

# 3 Hang Some Pictures

If you’ve spent a night or two in your new home and you’re still not feeling the love, start surrounding yourself with feel good, familiar pieces. The best way to flood your new space with old memories is to dig out your photographs. I know, it’s not often these days that we actually print out our photos, but if you’re planning on moving soon, this is something you can plan in advance. Get yourself onto an Instagram printing website and get a batch of your favourite shots printed off and sent to you. It will take all of 20 minutes and you’ll be so pleased you did it. Now, in your new place, use some washi tape to create a wonderful collage of all of these favourite snaps, bringing your life bang into the middle of this new house. Suddenly, you’ll feel like you belong!

# 4 Scents and More


Never underestimate the power of smell! This new home won’t smell like you want it to. It won’t smell like your old home and it can take quite a while for that to change. But think about the scents that made your last house feel homely. Was it a specific candle, or room spray perhaps that you always used? Was it the smell from your pets, or from your teenager’s sweaty feet (I never said they had to be pleasant smells!)? Whatever the scent that made you feel like you’d come home, this is what you need to bring into your new place. It’s a no-brainer really but rather than wait months for it to happen naturally, you can ‘force’ it a little. Buy a few of your favourite candles. Let your wet dog sit on the sofa, and if you must, dig out those sweaty trainers.

# 5 Favourite Pastimes

I’ve already mentioned making new memories and this kind of continues from that point, but start doing your favourite hobbies and pastimes in your new home. If that means sitting down on a Friday evening watching a great new movie and eating curry, then go for it. If you love to sit around with the kids and do a little crafting, then that’s the one to do. Whatever your hobby, start doing it in your new home to help you feel settled, anchored and contented. You’ll start to associate the good feelings you get when you’re relaxed with the new bricks and mortar which is exactly what you’re trying to achieve.


So, what would you do make your new house feel like a home? We’d love to know! Tweet us @OFLOakFurniture with your best tips for settling into a new home. We’ll share our faves!