10 Ways To Make your Garden An Instant Hit This Summer

So if we cross our fingers and toes for a very long time, we may get some sunshine this summer. And if we do, you’ll be wanting to spend as much time as possible out in the garden. Whether you like to bask in the sun, play badminton with your kids, or entertain your friends, your garden will need to be looking at it’s best very soon. Follow our handy hints and tips on what to do to ensure your outdoor space is really looking the business this summer.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

#1 Prune, Weed, Mow

We know it’s not the most attractive of jobs, and if you really hate it or don’t have time for it, get someone in to help. But, weeding, pruning and mowing your lawn is an essential part of maintaining a garden and will help it look its best when you come to spend time there. And if you reeeeally don’t like the job, check out our guide to low maintenance gardening tips for even the most reluctant gardeners!

#2 Planters

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

What I love about a planter, is the flexibility. It’s the ability to move it around and ‘style’ your garden, just like you might use terrarium planters inside your home. Blend and co-ordinate colours and textures, and heights of course, and group planters accordingly. Sometimes you’ll need to wait until you fill them with plants to see how they really look together.

#3 Paint a Wall

You might not realise it but black has become really popular as a colour for using in the garden. Imagine painting a wall black and seeing the contrast between the deep hue and the freshness of the greenery around it!

#4 Solar Lighting

Photo by David Pennington on Unsplash

There are about a billion solar lighting products on the market right now, all at different price points, so you really have no excuse when it comes to finding something suitable for your space. Lighting will change the way your garden looks and feels in the fading light and create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining as well as adding a practical element to the area.

#5 Water Features

There’s something so calming and tranquil about adding a water feature to your garden. Again they come in all shapes and sizes, and many are solar-powered now so no need for mains wiring. Even if you have a small backyard, some water will bring the area to life.

#6 Seating

Photo by Maude Frédérique Lavoie on Unsplash

Well this is really important if you want to entertain family and friends, and even if you just love having your morning coffee in the summer sun. Choose something that fits your space and the style of your garden. Go modern and contemporary for a fun, playful space, or choose more traditional wood for a classic look.

#7 Play Area

Your kids will love you forever if you’re able to create a dedicated play area for them. It might not need to be huge, just a space for some garden games and a sand pit, but you could always throw in a trampoline if your garden allows. Remember to use child-friendly ground coverings like play bark to eliminate any nasty accidents.

#8 Zoning

If you are creating different areas for the different members of your family and those who use the garden, think about how you can ‘zone’ them. Adding definition to these areas, and including a design that clearly differentiates between them, will make the garden look fabulous. Think about zoning in colours, or maybe texture. Use different materials from one zone to another. Or simply create zones by using fencing or trellis.

#9 Colour

We’ve mentioned lots of different ways above that you will bring in colour to the garden in a natural way. But you might like to be a little more contrived in planning how colour will work in the design. Think of it like the inside of your home, choose two main colours, and then a third accent and work them into items like the planters, seating, accessories, lighting and candles.

#10 Decoration

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

And so finally, do accessorise. As mentioned above, use candles, lanterns, lighting and more to add flair and personality to the space. And you don’t have to do it all at once, add a little each year, and you’ll soon start to see it all come together!

So, are you ready to make your garden an instant hit this summer? We’d love to see how you personalise your outdoor space! Let us know over on Twitter @OFLOakFurniture, or tag us in your Instagram photos @oak_furniture_land.