There’s no doubt that adding reflective surfaces and shiny metals will bring a touch of interest and glamour to your abode, bouncing light around and creating an elegant space. Metals are hot at the moment and there’s nothing that brings a little warmth into your interiors than using brass, gold or copper in our interiors. I am a big fan of brass and gold and it seems to be getting ever more popular so today I thought I’d share a few ideas of how you can use the hottest new metals to create warmth and luxury in your own space.

Overhead Lighting


An overhead gilded pendant creates a rustic sort of glamour when combined with brass library lights. Your eyes are naturally drawn upwards, giving the room that extra height.



Combine a contemporary copper light fixture with a vintage ornate mirror in brass to give your dining room an eclectic touch. A rustic wood table really completes this look.

Kitchen fixtures


Go all out glam by mixing stark white kitchen cupboards and a marble backsplash with kitchen taps and handles in shiny gold. This kitchen certainly has the Midas Touch!

Side Tables


Create warmth in a space by mixing up smaller brass and gold tables dotted around your living room. Now your guests have somewhere to set their drink and it looks incredibly stylish too.

Coffee tables


A vintage brass and glass coffee table creates elegance when combined with rich velvets and faux fur. Using a variety of textures in your space is really key to warming up the space and creating a welcoming room.

Sideboard handles


You can give any sideboard a new lease on life with the addition of gilded handles. Swapping them over doesn’t need to take very long and you’ll have a new look in hours.



You can find inexpensive vintage brass candlesticks at either second hand shops, auction websites and car boot sales. Polish them to create a stunning vignette and combine with black candles to create some additional drama.



Flank a fireplace with brass sconces to create additional pockets of light. You should always have multiple light sources within a room so why not go for gold?



Use small brass accessories on a stack of books to add a little sparkle to any vignette. Smaller accessories really bring life into a room and keep it from looking too stark. Like candlesticks, search out unusual vintage pieces that really speak to you – it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!



Don’t be afraid to mix your metallics! Here, silver, brass and copper cushions combine beautifully to create a warm atmosphere in a stunning living space. Doesn’t it just want to make you curl up with a good book?

So those are just 10 different ways you can add a little sparkle to your home by using the ‘metals of the moment’ – brass and copper. How do you use these metals in your own home? I’d love to hear from you.

Kimberly x