How to Make Your House Feel Like a Home: With Your Photos!

You’ve waited a lifetime; you’ve read the new build decorating rules, you’ve pinned your boards on Pinterest, you’ve perhaps had a spousal argument (or seven) about the best direction to take this project in, and you’ve willingly been inspired when visiting the homes of friends and family…

Often built with a neutral pallet and classic style; being the first homeowner of a new build gives you all the power you need to really make this space your own – the freedom to fill it with style, attention to detail and love. But while you’ve had plenty of time to prepare for the exciting transformation of turning your new build house into a home, the blank canvas of a new build means your house can lack personality.



So, we recently asked our customers for some top tips on turning their new build properties into a much-loved home; with stunning furniture, beautiful plants and more importantly, their own stamp and personality.


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Don’t rush in

Doing valuable research leading up to your move allows you to envisage how every room will look. Rebekah Cato shares her enthusiasm and love for having a vision already outlined which makes the buying process a little smoother. From candles and vases to framing your prints, no matter what you’re looking for, fall in love with it from the moment you decide to add it to your home.

From neutral living room ideas to the  perfect dining table, find what works for you and what you’re trying to achieve.

Prioritise the main pieces first

Christina’s top tips on transforming a new build house into a cosy, loved space is to take your time and choose the right furniture and accessories to suit you and your home. Make sure you have all the essentials like something to sleep on! But don’t feel rushed into trying to buy everything at once.

As your furniture will be what takes up most of the space, think about how you’re going to use the room, what pieces you’ll need, and then start to think about the accessories that complement the furniture you’ve invested in. Filling a room with foliage will add gorgeous greens to a room, and framing family photos will add a personal touch, but it’s your furniture that should take centre stage! Let the sofas, coffee tables or bed frames do the talking, with accessories floating harmoniously around these bigger statement pieces.

Shelene Baker styled the Mantis Light lamp table and TV stand in her home to fill the room and achieve her desired look.

Brighten the space with nature

If your walls are looking a little lacklustre, and you’re too busy to rush in and paint the walls, Roseanna Henderson recommends filling the room with beautiful patterned furniture and flowers to draw the attention away from them.

Brightening up a solid oak table with flowers lets the vibrancy of the different seasons shine through the year too. Our customer, Hannah Bardney, has dressed up hers with vases of pink peonies and tulips, adding pops of colour to the space.

For more inspiration on transforming your house with the help of nature, check out our interview with stylish green enthusiast Alice Vincent.  

Home is Where the Art is

Whether it’s the work of your favourite artist or the most memorable snap from your recent holiday; adding prints, artwork and photographs to your surroundings allows your guests to delve into your stories and memories, simply by admiring your decor. Anuj Ballar suggests a hanging up a portrait to really bring the family together within your new home.

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