How to Create a Home That’s Always Ready for Guests

With the entertaining season nearly upon us, we may find ourselves not just planning for the single day of the year where guests often come to roost, but a whole month of social engagements within our own home. ‘Tis the season where neighbours drop by, family visits are made with little or short notice and possibly a few cocktail or dinner parties are thrown where our guests have indulged a little too well.

Christmas Themed Living Room

In every situation, you may find that you have guests in your home that you hadn’t expected or haven’t had much time to prepare for. How well does your home welcome friends and family? Our tips will ensure your home is guest-ready at a moment’s notice.

The 30 Minute Cleaning Method

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One of the biggest apprehensions we may feel with drop-in guests is the state of our home – how clean and tidy is it? While you can be assured that most guests come to see you (and won’t care if there’s a pile of laundry waiting to be folded in the utility room), a clean and well-kept home is always a good start.

Start off with a deep clean ensuring every inch of your home is at it’s very best. During the busiest time of the year, this may be a difficult one to tackle, so if you can, consider hiring in help this season.

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Once your deep clean is done, spend 30 minutes a day to maintain it through the festive season. You can accomplish quite a bit in 30 minutes – from hoovering all the floors and dusting one day to cleaning the bathroom top to bottom on another. Create a rotating schedule so everything is ticked off over the course of 7 days and be sure to rope in your partner or other family members to share the responsibility.

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Have a Plan for Overnight Guests

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If you do have guest staying overnight or you’re planning a party, make sure you have a provision for extra bodies to sleep. Whatever your circumstances, the last thing you want is to be running around, trying to figure out where that single blow up bed is stuffed in the loft space or whether your toddler bed could actually fit a 6-foot house guest.

Jasmine sofabed, light colour bedroom

Whether it’s a blow-up bed that’s within easy reach, a sofa bed or daybed that can easily be converted for a night’s rest, know where you’re going to put them. A home office may be a great option to be used as additional sleeping quarters or you may just be lucky enough to have a dedicated guest bedroom – just have a plan in place before they arrive.

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Clean bedding and towels

Shay cream Chest of Drawers, flowers in vase, towels

One of the most important things is to make sure you always have a clean spare set of bedding and towels for each of your guests. Take the opportunity before the festive season starts to launder everything if it’s been in storage for a while to freshen it up.

Classic Bedroom Furniture with grey toned accessories

It may be a good idea to keep these spares separate from the rest of the family linens. Perhaps invest in a blanket box which holds a couple of spare sets so that everything is ready at a moment’s notice.

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Invest in Double Duty Furniture


If you frequently entertain, you might want to consider investing in furniture that does double-duty for when guests arrive. If you are hosting dinner and fear you don’t have enough seats, a bench seat that normally lives in the hallway can mean more seating without losing space. Consider an extending table too so that you can sit more when you are entertaining but it’s not taking up precious room when only you and your family are using it.

A sofa bed– as mentioned – can be a great way to squeeze in an extra bed whether it’s in the living room, a home office or the kids’ playroom. A nest of tables can also be used for additional surfaces for drinks and food or they can also be used as additional seating in a pinch.

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