Why Brown Is The New Black

What’s your favourite colour? It’s one of those questions everybody has an answer to. You pick your favourite colour somewhere around primary school and you stick to it, letting it guide everything from your toothbrush choice to your home décor. Blue is always popular, renowned as a very calming choice, and so are soft shades like pink or beige. Even black gets a good reputation – although technically not a colour! It’s sleek, sophisticated and immediately grown up. We’ve written about how to use it in your home over here.

But what about brown? It’s not often cited as a favourite colour and rarely makes an appearance in our homes (except in the form of wooden furniture, of course) – and we think that’s a shame! Brown is a softer alternative to black, but still more of a statement shade than your everyday neutrals. Read on to find out why we’re loving brown hues in 2017, and how to use them in your home…


If you count the beautiful hue of wooden furniture, then brown is actually everywhere in our homes! So the key to making the most out of this rich and varied colour is to start small and adapt your style accordingly. One of the wonderful things about brown is that it comes in so many shades, so it can be bold and dramatic or soft and subtle – or all of those things at once!

We’ve styled our Original Rustic Sideboard with two brown-toned accessories: a fruit bowl and a vase. The hues are ever so slightly different, leading the eye straight to the darker vase, then across to the medium-toned fruit bowl, before down to the light-coloured wood of the sideboard. Paired with an abundance of leaves (the natural ally to anything brown) and a stack of cream decorative plates, this creates a visually harmonious image that will look lovely in your home.


Brown doesn’t always work well as a wall colour, simply because it absorbs rather than reflects light and can potentially make your room like smaller as a result. However, that’s not to say it can’t have a place on your walls – especially with our Antiquite clock. We adore the rich and sophisticated colour of this particular brown hue, which will look stunning against any neutral backdrop.

Pair this clock with dark wood pieces from our Victoria or Manor House range for a classic, vintage look, or with lighter wood ranges such as the Alto to keep things fresh and original.


Of course, one of the best possible ways to embrace brown tones in your home is with your sofa. Brown is a really practical choice for your living room furniture, helping to avoid signs of wear and tear without the potentially overwhelming drama of black. Our Clayton 3 Seater Sofa in Brown Leather is a softer alternative to the classic black leather sofa, and will easily adapt into a multitude of décor styles.

If you’re using the Clayton as the base for your living room theme, we think it works best in neutral surroundings where the warm chocolatey shade stands out without overpowering the room. Pair with the lighter brown of our Edinburgh Nest of Tables for a dose of visual harmony, emphasising the natural oak colour of the sofa’s feet.

Carson SOFA LIFESTYLE 1-edited-crop

Not ready for a fully brown leather sofa set? Inject just a slice of this look into your home with our Carson Wing Armchair in Light Brown Leather. Can’t you just imagine curling up here with a good book and big mug of tea? We certainly can – it might just be the perfect reading armchair!

The lovely thing about a traditional piece of furniture like this is that it absolutely speaks for itself. Admittedly we like it best with pieces from our Kemble range, such as this lovely small sideboard, but it’s the kind of armchair that will work wonderfully in any home.


What do you think? Will you be making brown a focal point of your home this year? We’d love to hear all about it! Don’t forget to tag us in your furniture snaps with #oakfurnitureland on Instagram, and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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