Unconventional Gifts for Your Partner

YChocolates, champagne, red roses, cards, dinner for two…maybe a cuddly toy? As clichés for gift-giving go, Valentine’s Day has to be one of the worst days of the year, but we often tend to fall back onto one of these due to lack of time or simply lack of ideas. I know from personal experience how many times I’ve been standing in a shop with a blank expression on my face wondering what might make a nice gift. And whilst I would never say not to chocolate, flowers or champagne, it’s great when somebody makes a bit more of an effort. So, if you’re struggling to find something a little more unusual, then here’s some help. Or at least I hope it might provide some help…

personalised novel

Whilst the gifts aren’t 100% gender specific (i.e. whether you’re male and female reading this looking for a gift for your male or female partner), some might be a little more fitting for one gender than others. I love the idea of a personalised book for example, but Jane Austen, well, I don’t know that many men who would appreciate her books. Having said that, there are many more personalised books, so there’s bound to be something for everybody and it’s a pretty fun idea.


The ‘Scratch the World’ map is the perfect gift for your partner (ok, and yourself) if you’re both fond of travelling. You can scratch off the colour of the countries you’ve visited together, thereby making this not only a fun gift for one day, but a lasting one that will change over years along with your travels. Just like the next one, it’s one of those gifts that will hopefully show how well your relationship is doing over time.


Why buy flowers when you can buy a tree? In my opinion, there’s possibly nothing more romantic than planting a tree together, watching it grow over the years and enjoying the blossoms each Spring. You even get to enjoy the fruits, thereby having sweet treats in the summer that you can bake into beautiful cakes. I’d say that’s a beautiful way of celebrating your love throughout the year, wouldn’t you?


Something completely different would be to give a gift not to each other, but to somebody less lucky than ourselves. I’m actually quite a big fan of giving charity gifts and it can be really personal depending on where your heart lies. From animal homes to refugee camps, environmental causes to homeless shelters, cancer charities to clean water suppliers, there’s a charity out there to fit all personal hopes and beliefs and helping others is all about spreading love.


Sometimes gifts aren’t about actually buying something at all. You could gift each other time together. Take a day off work and turn it into pure couple time starting with breakfast in bed and a chat for example. Spend the day going for walks, cooking together (restaurants are best avoided on this particular day), listening to music, watching a film, talking, you know, all the small things we so often forget about due to our busy lives. After all, maybe that’s what Valentine’s day should really be about, togetherness?