Trend Watch: Two Toned Kitchens

With what I’m calling a ‘mini remodel’ on my own kitchen this year, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the current trends in kitchen design to see what I might wish to adopt in my own space. While we’ll be replacing our worktops and tiles, the one thing I’m most excited about is repainting our kitchen cupboards.

While it may have been de rigueur to match your upper and lower cupboards in years past, the newest kitchen looks incorporate a two toned design, with the tops and bottom rows of cabinets in contrasting or complimentary colours. This really opens up a world of possibilities and allows the kitchen to be treated just like any other area of the home with a focus on integrating it into the usual living spaces – treating the cupboards more like furniture than simply utilitarian storage.

If you love a shot of colour in your home, then you’ll appreciate what I have in store a little later in this post but for now, let’s look at some easy-to-live with neutrals.

Grey Two Toned Kitchen

Light and dark grey two toned kitchen

With the colour grey being simply everywhere at the minute, the kitchen is the perfect place to adopt this most loved neutral. Keeping the lower cabinets in a lighter shade and the uppers in a darker shade (and yes, there are far more than 50 shades to choose from!), there is a beautiful tonal quality created.

Black Two Toned Kitchen

Black lowers and white uppers two toned kitchen

This is what I’ve chosen for my own kitchen – black lowers and white uppers. The black mimics the striking tuxedo or the classic LLB and combining it with white keeps the main areas bright whilst the bottom half of the kitchen has a very sophisticated edge. Combine with shiny brass hardware and stainless steel appliances for a classic look that never dates.

Natural Wood Two Toned Kitchen

natural wood and black uppers two toned kitchen

Natural wood textures are the perfect foil for black upper cabinets as seen in the kitchen above. With natural wood adding warmth to any kitchen, it’s mixes with just about any colour you can think of. Here, the natural grains of the unfinished wood is mimicked in the movement of the marble above it. Consider using natural textures throughout to emphasise the idea of bringing the outdoors in.

Navy and White Two Toned Kitchen

navy blue lowers with white uppers kitchen

Another darling of interior designers everywhere, navy blue is being hailed as a new neutral so we’ll leave this as a transition into the brighter side of the spectrum. Reminiscent of warmer climates, it looks stunning contrasted against crisp white upper cabinets and creates a real style statement – one that will surely be a talking point with any guests you may invite round for your next dinner party.

Jade Green and White Two Toned Kitchen

green and white kitchen

For those that love a jolt of colour pop, then why not consider a green and white two toned kitchen? I adore this shade of deep jade which creates such a high impact look on the island. If you are playing with the idea of a two-toned kitchen, then the island is a great place to use a contrasting paint colour to make it a feature in the space.

Sage Green and White

sage green and white two toned kitchen

One of my favourite kitchens in the softest sage green combined with white by Sarah Sherman Samuels. Combined with warm metallics in copper and brass, the look is calm but interesting and easy to live with.

Blush Pink and Black Two Toned Kitchen

black and pink kitchen

One of favourite ways to use blush pink in the home is in combination with black. It grounds the pastel and gives it an edge that’s easy to live with as shown in our example above. Open shelving is a great option for those who love a tidy kitchen and want to show off their favourite pieces and if you tire of the pink? Well, you can easily change it to a different colour with just a lick of paint!

The Multi-Coloured Kitchen

pink black and green kitchen

And finally, for those that like their colour bold and brave, the only real limit is your imagination. Who would have thought to combine green, pink and black? But for those that like something a little different, then using unusual colour mixes is just the start of the fun you’ll have when you let go of the idea that kitchens need to be a certain palette.


So is the two-toned kitchen something you would have in your own home? I’d love to hear what you think!