Top Tips on Where To Hide the Presents

Every year you think long and hard about what to get your children for Christmas, only for them to spoil the surprise by finding out where you’ve hidden them. You don’t always have the time to wrap presents straight away, especially when you stumble across the perfect gift unexpectedly, so you need plenty of sneaky places to hide your presents. For inspiration, look no further.

1. In the blanket box

sage green painted blanket box against rustic blue wall

Have you got a sturdy, trustworthy blanket box in your bedroom with plenty of heavy blankets snuggled inside? At the bottom of your box, hide some gifts, wrap them up in cosy knits and layer with more blankets so no one will ever be able to find them at the bottom of your comfy pit.

2. Locked away in a suitcase

If you’re not going away this Christmas, you’re likely to have a few empty suitcases lying around. These might have in-built locking mechanisms or they’re attached to padlocks and key locks, meaning they’re the ideal place for keeping presents safe. You can store them away in the loft or in plain sight and no one will know. Just make sure you don’t forget the passcode or lose the key, else disaster could ensue.

3. Inside the pots and pans in your dresser

Parquet style kitchen dresser in modern kitchenYour kids would never go near your Le Creuset casserole dishes, even if you begged them to. If you’re storing yours inside your dresser’s cabinetry, hide gifts here and slide them under the tree in time for when you need to prepare all the trimmings on the Big Day.

4. Under the floorboards

This may seem like a faraway idea left behind from an old movie, but some households do actually have loose floorboards ready and waiting to stash away Christmas presents from prying eyes. Some may even have space within steps on their stairs; you never know what secrets your home may hold.

5. Behind your ornaments in your display cabinet

scandinavian style display cabinet with ornaments

For some homes, the display cabinet is already a no-go zone, a place you’ve warned your kids never to mess with. Not only is it full of breakable, precious ornaments but also their Christmas presents – they’ll never think to look in a place they’re not already allowed access to.

6. In the Christmas tree box in the shed

Artificial Christmas tree? Check. Storing the box in the shed? Check. Putting the presents in this box – a place where no one would even think to look? Genius. Plus, your children will be too scared of all the dust and cobwebs to venture into the shed, anyway.

7. In your chest of drawers

scandinavian style chest of drawers in bedroom

At first glance, the chest of drawers appears to be the most obvious hiding spot, however, conceal the gifts beneath you and your partner’s undergarments and that alone will be enough to ward off nosy kids.

8. In your attic

If your attic is particularly hard to reach (maybe the only way to access is by a ladder that drops down from the ceiling), this will be one of the most conspicuously effective options.

9. On top of the wardrobe

industrial style triple wardrobe in modern bedroom

Lucky for you, our wardrobes are tall. No matter if you go for our double or triple sizes, the presents will stay far out of reach if you place them in storage baskets on top. Just make sure there are no chairs or stools insight – you won’t want your kids giving each other a leg up.

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