Top Home Moving Tips For Last Minute People

Moving house is a big and exciting process, so when you’re finally in that home stretch (no pun intended) before the move itself, it may seem overwhelming to keep track of everything that needs to be done.

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But there’s no need to worry! We’ve made a list of all the top last minute moving tips to help you keep track of everything. Here’s our best advice on what to think about in the last weeks before you move that will help make the fateful day so much easier:

1. Have your car serviced – especially if you are moving a long distance. Move-in day is not the time for an unexpected breakdown!

2. Make a box of important items, documents, and medications that you can keep a close eye on during the move. Any daily medication your family requires, as well as things like passports, driving licenses, house deeds, wills, insurance papers, jewellery, and cash, should be here.

3. Now’s the time to think about extra services you may need to book, like house cleaning, dismantling furniture, plumbing for your dishwasher and washing machine, professionals to disconnect your gas cooker or boiler, and others.

4. Be sure to cancel local services you receive and settle outstanding bills. Think of things like newspapers, gardeners, cleaners, window cleaner, oil deliveries, milk and other day-to-day subscriptions.

5. Run down your freezer foods and other perishables. You won’t want to move with food items which may spoil!

6. Give the post office your new address, and arrange a mail redirection service to make sure you don’t miss any post! Remember, the Royal Mail needs at least 5 working days to set up a redirection, so give yourself plenty of time.

7. And speaking of mail – make sure to notify friends, family, banks or building societies, and any other agencies that might need your new advice. There are lots of helpful lists online with who to contact!

8. Return any items you have borrowed, it’s amazing how much you accumulate from others throughout your home!

9. Finally, confirm your arrival time at your new home and make sure you have all the keys, etc. from your estate agents. It’s also worth thinking about booking a locksmith for your new property so you have a fresh set of keys and a safe home!

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These top tips help to give you a bit more of a sense of control during the last few weeks before you move so that you can really enjoy the time you have preparing for your new adventure.

And for a bit of fun before you move… fill in our New Home Checklist on the important things that people forget to ask about. Didn’t get everything Don’t worry! You can always ask your estate agent before the move to make sure you have all the information you need to make the most of your new place!

The New Home Checklist

new home checklist

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