Timeless Appeal With Our Classic Range

Some rooms just have that special something; you walk into them, and you feel instantly at ease. It’s hard to put a finger on what brings about that feeling. Sometimes it’s a colour, or a piece of art. Sometimes it’s just how the room feels put together with easy elegance that seems timeless.

Our Classic range has been designed to try and capture that fleeting feeling. By creating a look that can effortlessly blend into homes both traditionally styled and contemporary-chic, Classic seeks to embody that comfortable something. We wanted to make sure that when you walk into a room with Classic, you can really feel at home.

Our design team worked hard to create a furniture range which reflected the ideal mental picture of hardwood furniture, and we’re pretty proud of the result. The versatility of this range is what really makes it a classic; read on to find out more about your new favourite furniture!

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Bright natural oak finish

We chose our bright and warm natural oak finish for the Classic range to create a sense of lightness and joy in each piece. The sunny tones of the solid oak used throughout the piece really shine through the clear protective wax finish, and emphasise the delicate features within the wood grain.

The overall effect is light and airy, and balances the more traditional design components with a modern colour, so it can easily add authority to a contemporary living room, or update a more traditional dining room suite.

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Simple design touches

Creating Classic’s  timeless feeling really came down to using simple touches of elegance throughout the design which don’t overwhelm the styling. These features create an old-world feel without being fussy and allow Classic to span design decades.  

The tops of each unit, for example, have a simple moulding detail which grounds the piece without being overly ornate. The drawers are characterised by beading around the edges, and cupboard and cabinet doors have subtle panelling to catch the eye. These elements work together to create an elegant feel that transcends time.


Little moments of awe

We also wanted to create some “wow” moments with Classic, adding a few little details which really make the collection pop. Bringing to life that special feeling you get when you walk into a dreamy room is all about creating little moments of awe in a piece.

One great example of this is in the feet of the furniture. They are gracefully tapered to quite literally lift each piece in the room. The space and look this creates really adds to the lightness of the collection and creates a charming appeal. The drawer handles have also been carefully selected to complement the natural oak tones. In brushed brass, they add to the warm and inviting feeling. With modern cup handles and traditional button drawer pulls blended seamlessly in the pieces, Classic promises to please.

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