Small Trends To Update Your Home

So we’re not about to tell you to strip down all your walls, to re-tile your floors, to change all your furniture or replace the worktops in your kitchen because it might not in keeping with the biggest trend of the year. Very few people’s homes are exactly on trend and when they are, they often lack personality. This is all about tiny changes, about accessorising and about using trends in a subtle way that will enhance your home rather than make you look like you’re trying too hard. Integrating trends into your existing decor is what makes a home personal, as well as up-to-date, without it falling into the trap of looking like a show home. We’ve pulled together a few trends that can be used to update your rooms in small ways.


Scandi Style Office

Mantis Light Desk

Scandi style remains a classic and popular trend year-on-year. It’s all about subtleties, clean lines and snow white colours – all of which you can add to your home in small touches. Simple objects like geometric artwork with a very pared-down design are the kind of thing you’re looking for, as well as really simple accessories, like lamps. Out goes everything ornate and in comes the simplest of shapes which work well with the trend’s minimalist colour schemes.

Wall Hangings

Alto Sideboard with Wall Hangings

Alto Sideboard

Updating your current decor can be as simple as exchanging a current piece of art or picture on your wall with a macramé wall hanging. Whether it’s oversized or on a small-scale, depends on your overall style and the amount of space you have on your wall.


Orrick Bookcase

Orrick Bookcase

Brass is taking over from copper but not in the 80’s style some of us might remember. Shapes are far more simple, more industrial and devoid of any frills. Brass looks great combined with glass and works well in dark rooms as well as light ones. Just small changes like light fittings or surface accessories can make a big difference.

Living Coral

Chest of Drawers, Bed, Accessories and Art

Bevel Chest

Living Coral is Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2019 and this gorgeous pop of colour will add a dynamic edge throughout your home. In the bedroom, for example, just one set of bed linen is all you need to give your sleep sanctuary a touch of this feminine trend and it works beautifully if your room is a dark shade of blue or grey.

Natural Styling

Shay Console Table

Shay Console Table

When adding various different touches and styles, there needs to be something to tie them together to prevent a room looking like a messy jumble. Adding natural elements like wood, pottery and plants will do exactly that. By using these elements throughout your room and/or home, the high-trend pieces won’t stick out, but instead, be integrated with the overall look. Natural pieces provide your eyes with a calming backdrop and will make your other pieces shine.

So, maybe some of these trends are of interest to you and you’ll be thinking about adding them to your home. Not everything will be suitable for everybody, but it’s all about editing and choosing which pieces suit you.

Happy accessorising!