Home From Home: Fabulous “She Sheds”

So, there was me thinking that once I got the house I’d be sorted as far as work space, relaxing areas and space in general is concerned… Well – turns out things aren’t quite this straight forward!

You see, our house is a small Victorian terrace. Figure into that that there are three people living in it, and you’ll quickly see that there isn’t much room left for an area just to myself! Don’t get me wrong – I love my family, but we all occasionally need to get away just a little, right?

So, this is where I started to look outside towards our garden…

Salvaged Shed

Because there’s actually more space there than inside the house – well, kind of. Whilst I’m trying to get to grips with gardening, I’m also looking to utilise the space in a different way and create my own little hideaway. The so-called ‘she shed’. I know, the name is a little ridiculous since sheds don’t really have a gender, but there you go. It’s the female equivalent to the ‘man cave’, that space where the chaps can retreat to when they fancy a little time away from everything. And who wouldn’t want their own little space like this?


So, how should this space look? Well, I guess it’s all down to personal taste, how you’d like to utilise it, what your hobbies are, whether you’re looking to accommodate guests or you’re just looking for a reading spot. It’s possibly also down to the architecture of your house. If you have a Victorian terrace like me, then a modernist cube style shed might not be quite fitting unless you really like to juxtapose styles. Choose a “house” or shed design that works with your architectural style as well as the size of your garden. The great thing is that you can choose a relatively inexpensive built and then go and customise it in the way you’d like.


You can of course paint it any colour your heart desires, you can add curtains or even blinds, create more windows if needed, lay some beautiful flooring and furnish it in exactly the way you want and need, your choices will mainly depend on your budget and what you’re looking to do with the space. The possibilities are pretty much endless: potting shed or small office, art studio or jewellery workshop, cosy reading nook or mini dance studio, dining room or yoga studio, there are so many things you can turn a shed into!

Work Space

Even the UK weather (as in 10C and rain at the beginning of June) shouldn’t have too much of an impact as long as it has been insulated and you can close the door. Bearing in mind that we’re talking shed here and not full-on outbuilding, you shouldn’t even need planning permission. However, if you’re in any way unsure, you should check with your local council – just to be on the safe side.

Potting Shed

So, what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to create your own little ‘she shed’ and enjoy a space that is completely yours and return refreshed to your actual house. Pretty great for a few square meters, wouldn’t you say?

Will you be revitalising your shed with our tips & tricks? Let us know! We’d love to hear your thoughts @OFLOakFurniture. See you there!