How to Transform Your Home’s Smallest Spaces With a Sofa Bed

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, you might be casting an eye around your home, wishing it were about 10 times bigger. Where will the tree go? Do I have enough extra seating to go around my dining table? And where am I supposed to sleep all my extra houseguests?

Thankfully, we’ve learned some tricks through the years about how to take even the smallest spaces in your home and totally transform them with a few clever pieces of furniture. So no matter how small your home, you’ll always be able to be the hostess with the mostest – the the help of our favourite holiday hero: the humble sofa bed.

Living Room


There’s nothing like snuggling up on the sofa with a hot toddy after a big day of festive celebrations. But when the cosy feeling settles, and the conversation is more yawns than words, a sofa bed can work magic.

All of our sofa beds are designed to perfectly match the sofa collections – so your guests will never know that the stunning Jasmine 2 seater sofa they’re sitting on has a hidden secret. It looks and feels like the rest of the range!

Our top living room transformation trick is to pre-make your sofa bed mattress with a fitted sheet before your guests arrive. Tuck a duvet and pillows into a sideboard or blanket box, and when bedtime arrives, simply pull out the ready-made bed, and voila! Your guests will sleep in comfort on a comfortable sprung mattress and it will look truly effortless.

Home Office


Even when company’s coming, the work still needs to get done – there’s no need to give up your home office this holiday season. While we know the first pieces of furniture that spring to mind when you think “workspace” are the desk and a good sturdy filing cabinet, a sofa is not to be ignored. Perfect for brainstorming sessions, research, or even as an alternative to the office chair, they help to complete the room during a regular workday.

Then, when the festive season does arrive, they work even harder! Sofa beds are a great piece to transform a home office into a comfy space for guests. By placing a tray on top of your office chair, you can create a cute bedside table during the evening hours, which can easily be moved when you need to get work done during the day. It’s a great space-saving trick in smaller homes!

Children’s Play Room


We know from our own families, kids aren’t always the best at sharing, so making them share a room to make space for holiday guests could be a surefire path to holiday meltdowns. Instead, why not treat the children’s playroom as the perfect place for guests to get comfortable (just make sure to tidy the legos up off the floor first!).

In the playroom, a sofa is a great addition, letting you spend more time together as a family during regular days. And when guests arrive, the simple opening mechanism of our sofa beds means that the space can effortlessly transform from children’s escape to dreamy haven. Don’t forget about a blanket box as the perfect place to store guests linens and toys out of sight!

So no matter how your small your home is, you know that when it comes to the holidays, you can have it covered, just by thinking about your rooms – and the furniture you place in them – slightly differently. The sofa bed is your secret Christmas helper.

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