Quirky Christmas Recipes

Christmas is coming, there’s no denying. And although it may be a little different this year, we can still enjoy the comfort of Christmas baking and crafting with sweets. Hard core Christmas bakers will have already got their Christmas cakes and puddings cooked and wrapped, awaiting final preparation. But there are simpler ways to get some Christmas treats going.

For nibbles in front of the Christmas TV viewing, what could be better than some Rolo reindeer pretzels? A nice salty snack with a caramel hit – and a funny face, too.

Christmas quirky recipes

Full recipe: I heart naptime

These snowmen are really sweet (see what I did there?), and will add a bit of fun to the Christmas table. Glue your marshmallows with chocolate, and get decorating with pieces of dried fruit. Great fun for children.

Christmas quirky recipes

Full recipe: The Spruce Eats

This gingerbread shot glass recipe is a little more detailed. Great for a party table around Christmas time, and quicker to make than a gingerbread house.

Full recipe: Wilton

These hot chocolate spoons couldn’t be simpler. In fact, you could just swap out your summer iced lolly sticks in the freezer for these in the winter. Just call them your seasonal spoonsticks.

Christmas recipes

Full recipe: Fork and Beans

Getting cosy, keeping busy, making things together. It may be a different kind of Christmas celebration this year, but it’ll still be full of comfort and joy.