Purple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

With the Queen’s Birthday nearly here, our thoughts have turned to the most royal of hues. Purple has been a firm favourite for centuries, representing wealth, power and opulence. Today, it remains an exciting and invigorating shade, and it makes the perfect accent or backdrop for a stylish bedroom.

Scandinavian style chest of drawers

Whether you are a member of the monarchy or simply wish to use purple and its many variations in your own home, our post will offer plenty of tips and inspiration for using this royal shade in your bedroom scheme.

Bring in the Warmth of Natural Wood Finishes

oak bedroom furniture in purple bedroom

With so many different shades of purple available – from deep aubergine to bold violet and softer shades of lavender to those that veer on the palest shades of grey – one idea that works with just about every shade is including natural wood finishes.

These softer, paler finishes warm up purple which can sometimes read a bit colder in a bedroom. The addition of wood also creates a touch of organic material, making it the perfect companion to purple.

Coordinated Contrasts

Bedroom with purple bedding and black walls

One of the most effective ways to use purple in your bedroom scheme is to marry it with different saturations in the same colour family. Choose a lilac duvet set and layer with deeper aubergine accessories in the cushions, throws or rugs.

Layering colour creates contrast but easily coordinates to create a dramatic space that’s easy to live with.

Romantic Lilac Bedroom

Purple themed bedroom with white painted furniture

While darker or brighter purple shades can create a bold and dramatic scheme, in the bedroom you may be looking for a calming and tranquil scheme. Consider choosing lilac instead. This pretty shade works well with white painted furniture and natural textures.

Bring in gold or brass finishes to warm up the space or choose a cool and classic silver in your lighting, hardware or accessories to finish off the look.

Traditional Touch

Bedside table with purple lamp

Finally, purple shades are perfect in more traditional properties as it’s a colour that’s been used for centuries. Choose a deep plum for the walls and marry with darker rustic finishes or vintage styled mirrored furniture to create depth.

Mix in some contemporary touches for contrast – modern artwork, delicately patterned bedding and a few whimsical accents will lighten the look and provide the perfect mix of old and new.

Go for Gold

As purple is often seen as a royal shade, you can’t go far wrong with combining this with lashings of gold finishes. Create over-the-top luxury with gold furniture or keep things simple with just a few metallic touches in lighting, mirrors or accessories.

Balance this opulent finish with a wash of neutrals to create a feeling of tranquillity. White works very well but grey or creamy white finishes equally complement the look.