Choosing colours for your home is often one of the more enjoyable parts of decorating but for anyone who has ever spent 30 minutes at the paint counter or hours poring over Pinterest images, nailing the right combinations can often be overwhelming.

Blue themed living room with grey painted furniture

We know that colour holds power. It can change the entire feel of a space – from cosy and moody to light and airy and it has the ability to impact our mood and emotions. There is a distinct shift of heightened energy when walking into a space decorated entirely in bold red and most will feel a wash of calm in a space decorated in soft pale blue. 

Before you begin choosing your colours, it’s important to understand what colours work well together and why. We’re sharing some of our favourite colour combinations to help you decide what works best for your own home.

Pairing Apricot and Mustard

light oak chest of drawers against geometric wallpaper

The 1970s are playing a big role in interior design trends at the moment and there are few colours quite as popular as warm earthy shades. Apricot and mustard share the same side of the colour wheel, making them analogous shades.

earth toned bedroom with curved painted walls

These two colours pair beautifully, creating a warm and inviting palette when combined with other shades. Choose a deep apricot shade to add contrast and energy or consider choosing a soft lilac instead for a quieter and more peaceful feel.

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Pairing Blush Pink & Blue

Scandinavian style bedroom with minimalist bedside table

Finally, we look to a softer version of our previous complementary colour combination, a soft denim blue combined with blush pink, an elegant way to create contrast especially when used with other shades in the same colour families. Above, we see terracotta make another appearance as well as deep navy to bring out the richness of this colour pairing.

While once we may have relegated these shades to a nursery design, we can see how grown up and inviting the colours look when combined in a space. The subtle inclusion of blush pink against blues and greys is a welcome accent, creating an uplifting look that is both interesting as well as relaxing.

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Pairing Cobalt and Terracotta

While analogous colours are near to each other on the colour wheel, another option is to choose complementary colours – those which appear opposite one another. We’re using terracotta again but, in this example, we’re pairing it with a deep cobalt blue, resulting in a vibrant, engaging space.

a hallway with terracotta paint,

In this case, opposites certainly attract. Try a complementary colour combination in a space that you want to engage the senses like your entrance hallway or areas where the whole family gathers.

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Pairing Lilac and Aubergine

Bedroom with purple bedding and black walls

Lilac and aubergine sit at the opposite sides of the scale in terms of saturation but together, form a harmonious look that’s easy to live with. The subtle contrast adds depth and choosing mid-tone neutrals (like warm natural wood tones) grounds the contrast and makes it easier to live with.

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Pairing Green & Taupe

If you’re looking for colours that balance and restore us, there is no better shade than green which connects us to nature. Green sits at the middle of the spectrum, meaning it doesn’t jump out at us nor does it simply recede into the background. It’s the perfect colour for a relaxing space and marrying this with a warm neutral shade like taupe is an easy way to bring a sense of calm into your home.

oak tv stand in bay window topped with floral accessories

Of course, bringing in colour doesn’t need to only apply to paint or textiles. Look to add natural greenery to your home alongside warm neutral accents in furniture, rugs or cushions for a restful look that calls to mind the great outdoors.

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Pairing Blush Pink and Stone

pink and lilac painted living room with scandi style furniture

If you love a more neutral pairing but want just a bit of added ‘zing’, you’ll love our next colour pairing. Stone is a warm grey shade with a reddish undertone, making it easy to pair with other warm colours. Enter blush pink  – a saturated shade which shares similar undertones.

scandinavian style coffee table in modern living room

Even a small amount of this juicy shade brings life to a neutral colour palette, creating an inviting escape that doesn’t overwhelm the senses.

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