Perfect Pairs for Around Your Home

There was a time when the height of interior chic was walking into a furniture showroom, seeing an entire matching set of furniture and purchasing it all to duplicate the look in your own home. However, times are changing and mixing and matching furniture sets is becoming much more popular.

green calming bedroom with contrasting furniture

And for good reason – being able to effortlessly combine pieces to create a cohesive but interesting collection means your home won’t look like anyone else’s, allowing you to express your individual style with your own unique take. Pairing pieces together lends well to a more eclectic take on design, creating a layered look that becomes so much more than the sum of its parts.

White painted furniture with geometric rug

If you’re looking for inspiration on the best pieces to pair together, our tips today will help you to create that effortless eclectic look that leads ultimately to a more exciting and defined style in your home.

The Easiest Way to Pair Ranges

dining room with earth toned decor

While just about any two pieces of furniture can be combined successfully in the context of the rest of the space, there are some shortcuts you can take to ensure the pieces are well paired. One of the easiest ways to do this with our ranges is to ensure that the wood finish on one piece is the same as the other.

rustic finish vs natural finish moodboard

With a huge selection of different ranges available online, we’ve made it easier to find pieces that combine effortlessly. Most of our oak furniture falls into one of two categories: those with a Natural Oak finish and those with a Rustic Oak finish. 

What’s the difference? Our Natural Range is finished with clear protective wax, allowing the finest details of the wood to shine through. Our Rustic Oak ranges use a richly toned wax, providing a deeper honey-coloured appearance which brings out the deep wood grain patterns.

wiltshire and romsey range moodboard

Pairing pieces that have the same finish – even if they are from different ranges – is an easy way to find pieces that complement each other.  Consider combining ranges where the finishes are the same. So, for instance, consider marrying a Wiltshire wardrobe with a pair of bedside tables from the Romsey range. 

original rustic and french farmhouse moodboard

Or, consider using an Original Rustic sideboard with our French Farmhouse coffee table.

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Combining Painted Furniture with Wood Furniture

Grey dresser and oak table in kitchen

While using similar wood finishes is one easy way to pair items, many of our pieces within our painted furniture range include accents of natural wood too. 

For example, our St Ives collection uses a soft grey paint accented with a natural wood finish. This range effortlessly pairs with anything other range that uses the same natural finish. In our example above, the St Ives dresser works perfectly with our Wiltshire extendable dining table.

orrick and highgate moodboard

Our beautiful deep blue Highgate Range is accented with a rustic wood finish. Look to the Orrick range which shares the same deep warm wood for the perfect mix and match.

Grey panelled loft conversion bedroom with industrial style bed

Of course, just about any wood furniture can be matched with a fully painted piece. We love how the contemporary details of our Brooklyn bed combine with the softer contemporary details of the chalky white Hove unit and bedside tables.

Similarities in Detail

Round oak table with white painted chairs

Of course, keeping to a similar wood finish is just one way to create a successful pairing. You may also want to look for similarities in terms of the design. Our Painted Kemble chairs may not at first glance seem an obvious choice for our Trinity round dining table. But look closely and you’ll see the ‘X’ design in the chair backs are duplicated in the cross-leg design.

roman and original rustic range moodboard

Look closely at details such as turned legs or ball feet in more traditional furniture or the mid-century favourite of splayed legs. Our Roman Range shares similar leg details with the Original Rustic range. While one piece is painted with column features and the other carries a rustic oak finish, that similarity creates cohesiveness within a room.

cascade and ellipse range moodboard

If pieces are inspired by a similar time period (like Victorian, Art Deco or Mid-Century), they’re more likely to look natural with other pieces inspired by the same time period, even if those details aren’t an exact match. Our Cascade and Ellipse Ranges both carry the same splayed leg design which can combine easily for a mid-century inspired look.

Similarities in Style

Living room with geometric flooring

You might also want to pay attention to the line of each piece. It’s easier to marry two pieces that are inspired by similar aesthetics so pairing two contemporary pieces will be easier than pairing a more contemporary piece with one which has been created with more traditional embellishments.

In our example above, our Country Cottage small bookcase and Oakdale bookcase work well together, not just because they use the same wood finish but because each has a more contemporary aesthetic with simple, clean design details.

Pairing fabrics

Cream painted dining room table and chairs

You can create a more eclectic look by pairing the same style of chair but simply using different fabrics for each. Above, our curve back dining chairs in charcoal sit effortlessly beside the same chair in grey fabric

dining chairs with fabric moodboard

Or, you can consider using a mix of different styles of chairs but bring the look together by choosing the same fabric seat for each, creating an interesting but unified collection.

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