Mr Selfridge Home Inspiration

Who else has been watching Mr Selfridge this year? ITV’s hit TV show returned to our screens on January 8th for its final season, jumping forward nine years into the glittering year of 1928. We’ve been watching a slightly greyer Harry Selfridge at the pinnacle of his wealth and celebrity, enjoying all the benefits it brings, but what we’ve really been paying attention is just how gorgeous it looks! From the clothes to the scenery through to the dreamy interiors, we’re feeling completely inspired by the roaring 20s.

We’ve put together some tips and tricks for introducing the Mr Selfridge feel into your home.

  1. Chrome

Back in the 1920s chrome was a brand new material and was a real status symbol in the home. Introduce the look by adding little touches of chrome around your home by swapping your white switches to these luxe chrome versions? Or get crafty with a can of chrome spray paint, and let your creativity run wild! Spray paint some plant pots and fill them with big, leafy green plants for a touch of elegance in your hallway – or you could even spray paint an old lamp and place alongside some clean-lined furniture for that ultra-modern 20s look.

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  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall

There’s only one rule for getting that Mr Selfridge look in your home – there’s no such thing as too many mirrors! An opulent mirrored vanity table is the ultimate sign of 1920s glamour, but you don’t have to go overboard to introduce this feel into your home. Use a vintage mirrored tray to display your jewellery or perfume collections, or you could even invest in a stunning art deco mirror as a real talking point in your home.

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  1. Geometry

Geometric and triangular shapes were all the rage in the 1920s, as the wealth and splendour of the decade created widespread celebration of all things modern and a distaste for anything old. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to recreate this look in your home! Create a feature wall in your home with some geometric wallpaper or pick up a couple of terrarium planters and scatter them around your home. We’ve put together a guide to using terrarium planters here .

Terrariums - hanging indoor planter

  1. Go exotic

As technology made it easier for the upper classes to travel around the world, safari’s in Africa were the done thing. Momentos from exotic journeys abroad would have been scattered around the home as a status symbol, so embrace leopard print! You could keep it simple by displaying these 1920s vintage wild cat prints in your home, or go to town by investing in the stunning zebra print chairs straight from the 1920s. If print isn’t your style, why not invest in some beautiful faux fur throws?


  1. Planes, trains and automobiles

If travelling to other countries was a status symbol, so were the means of travel themselves. Stylised and idealistic images of planes, skyscrapers and modern cruise boats were everywhere, from marketing to wallpaper! So let travel inspire your style and embrace the look. You can find some amazing 1920s travel posters on etsy, from this ‘What About A Holiday Abroad?’ poster to this advert for a 1920s ski holiday. Display in mirrored or plain black frames for that clean and stylish 1920s feel.

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  1. Cocktail cabinets

Think 1920s, think cocktails. Channel your inner Jay Gatsby and invest in a gorgeous vintage cocktail cabinet or bar cart like this vintage one from Etsy – perfect for displaying martini glasses and your favourite bottles of gin. For some ideas on how to style your bar cart outside of cocktail hour, check out our blog post here. Or, if you don’t fancy going overboard, grab a couple of vintage style glasses and whip up a Gin Rickey or Mint Julep with this 1920s cocktail guide.

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  1. Black and white

In the 1920s, Coco Chanel popularised the little black dress paired with a string of white pearls – a timeless classic which we still admire today, and which we see on many of the women in Mr Selfridge. Bring this elegance into your home using black and white checkerboard, renovating your kitchen or bathroom with some classic linoleum flooring. Alternatively, this geometric black and white rug on a neutral or wooden floor will bring timeless style into your home.

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  1. Glamour and opulence

Decadence was the name of the game in the 1920s. With the economy booming, Mr Selfridge was able to tap into a new market of wealthy upper classes, and everybody wanted a slice of the action. You can easily introduce 1920s glamour into your home by considering texture, and keeping an eye out for materials like tortoiseshell, enamel and in particular mother-of-pearl. Charity shops are a great place to raid for the authentic vintage feel (or your grandmother’s closet!), but you can also find some amazing treasures on etsy – such as this silver plated jewellery box or vintage mens grooming set. Placing these items around your home will add instant glamour, or you could even get really opulent by displaying some ostrich feather accessories – such as this stunning vintage fan. Lady Mae would be proud!


  1. Glass

New technology in the 1920s made it much easier to produce appealing glassware, so it was everywhere! You might be able to pick up some glass ware bowls and dishes at your local carboot sale, or find authentic glassware on etsy – such as this serving stand with gold trim or this Art Deco glass bowl. Use your shiny new items to display an abundance of exotic fruit, or fill with glittery jewellery and some hand-me-down pearls.

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  1. Strong, streamlined furniture

For afficiandos of interior design, 1920s furniture is the definition of iconic. The influence of the Bauhaus Design School, with its emphasis on clean strong lines and functional simplicity, spread throughout Europe and America throughout this period – right into the furniture! You can get hold of authentic vintage furniture, such as this incredible Art Deco chair, or give it a more subtle and modern twist with one of our Tokyo Side Tables. All you need to do is add some ostrich feathers in an art deco glass display, with some exotic ornaments, and you’re set!

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If you love 20s glamour as much as we do, we’d love to see your top tips for creating a flapper-friendly home! Or, let us know how you’re enjoying the adventures of Harry Selfridge and co by tweeting us @OFLOakFurniture.