How to Create an Opulent Look in Your Home

What do you picture when you think of opulent decor? If you thought of glittering chandeliers, gorgeous fabrics, metallic surfaces and a sense of luxury, you’re certainly on the right track. The trend of bringing a touch of glamour into our lives has been going strong for the last few years but you certainly don’t need a millionaire’s budget to create an opulent look in your home.


From fringing to furnishings, our tips will show you how to create an opulent look in your interiors and the inspiration you need to incorporate opulent details into your home.

Metallic and Reflective Finishes

One of the easiest ways to create a touch of opulence in your design is to incorporate the luxurious look of metallic surfaces. From warm brass to cool chrome touches, these metals reflect light and ambience into any room.

Reflective surfaces also create a look of luxury so look out for mirrored furniture or surfaces which reflect and refract light back into a space. From mirrored wall tiles to mirrored furniture, these all add a glittering edge to your design.

Luxury Materials

While creating an opulent interior, certain materials will crop up again and again. Marble has been a big trend and lends itself well to this look, creating natural movement and an organic feel to your space.

Glass and Perspex, gleaming polished concrete and stone or dazzling terrazzo is another great way to create a luxurious look in your home or consider a softly reflective ornate wallpaper paired with opulent fabrics.

Beautiful Fabrics

Sideboard with opulent accessories

Speaking of fabrics, look out for those that beg to be touched and steer clear of any cheap man-made materials.

Velvet has had a resurgence in recent years for good reason – it catches the light and engages the senses, adding the perfect opulent finish for fabric and accessories. Consider pulled silk for your curtains, vintage wool rugs for the floor and elegant embroidered silk or tufted velvet for cushions and throws.

Detail Oriented

They say the devil is in the details and this is certainly true when creating an opulent look in your interiors. A certain amount of embellishment is nearly always a good idea but maintaining a balance is key.

Look out for just a few stand-out pieces and resist the urge to clutter every surface, allowing each detail to breathe and allow it to catch your eye. Embellishments create interest in a space so look out for fringed lamps, embossed and raised patterns and a touch of those details that make you want to pause and take a closer look.

Colour Palette

Finally, consider a tight reign on your colour palette. A neutral base nearly always comes into play but allow for variations in your tone and saturation. From cool dove grey to soft blush pink, create a dynamic look that’s anything but bland.

Introduce colour in a purposeful way. Sometimes just one wow-factor item in a bolder shade is enough to create opulence and drama in your room without overwhelming the rest of the space.

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